Remote to control monitor OSD

Quick thought i had. Is it possible to somehow use a universal remote to access the monitor settings on the Dough Spectrum? I only ask, because how my setup is, it is sometimes annoying switching through different inputs.

Thanks all!

There is no wireless receiver on any spectrum, but it might be possible with a separate device that can transfer DCC commands to the monitor. So there is no product you can outright buy, but it shouldn’t be impossible to make as long the proper DCC commands are implemented on the monitor.

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I’ve seen that other manufacturers are bundling a remote with their panels. My $0.02 on the subject is I don’t spend much time in the OSD after I’ve configured the panel to my liking. I’d much rather see a monitor built on solid fundamentals than adding gimmicks like a remote figuring into basic production/design costs. Make a solid monitor and maybe add a remote as an option like you do the stand if it were me leading Dev.