REMEMBER ME! checkbox

PLEASE, add "Remer me checkbox to login page!
I’m simply tired type my email address and password every time when I’m logging in!!!

Hi @akhor

Auto fill in is enabled by default. Could you try ckeaning your cookies by pressing cntrl +F5. So every time I log in my info is there already.

Let me know if it helps.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in my case(on both - desktop and T1 :joy:

sorry,on some another sites my info appears in form, but not on eve login page

I believe. it’s not login page issue, it’s the browsers problem - auto fill doesn’t work on my side for IE11 (desktop and Microsoft Edge (T1), but everything’s ok with Google Chrome!, so, I’m going to use chrome for browsing eve community!
Thanks :+1:

Great you got it sorted out :slightly_smiling:

Enjoy your stay!