Relocate all the port to the rear of Eve V tablet ( Second generation)

I believe the usb-c, thunderbolt port and SD card slot can reposition to the rear so that it doesn’t look intrusive while connecting a cable or USB drive.

What are your thoughts on this idea?

Personally, I’d like them at the side for easier access. I think the SD card behind the kickstand which is well out of the way.


The SD card port might be fine for left or right side because it doesn’t protrude from the port when connecting unlike the charging cable or USB drive which can be annoying if you are using it for long period of time as a laptop.

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I rather have accessibility

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I think it’s better on the side. I can’t lay the V down and use it if all the ports are on the back!


The V will get very thick with ports in the back. How deep is a microSD card or a USB A connector sticking in the device?


I’d prefer if they made the entire V a rounded rectangle without a slope on the slide, like the tablet portion of the Surface Book

Although I haven’t held a V in my own hands I think this slope makes the V more comfortable to hold.

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As someone with experience using Surface devices, a slope should make the V more comfortable to hold, but the surface’s ports are solid and holds the USB devices steadily for reasons unknown. I guess we’ll know when we both get our Vs!

On the back? Pretty impossible for the reasons stated: Imagine the thickness!
The only downside atm is that USB-C ports are at the top, not the bottom of tablet (but there were reasons for that).


Well, that and you’d not be able to lay it flat on a table to draw or take notes!