Reintroducing myself!

Alright, so I am not exactly new here. Those who have been here circa early 2017 should remember my existence. (or not.)

Allow me to reintroduce myself! I am Mitch, a student from Hong Kong who supports Eve’s vision of “made by us”, with a very serious addiction in custom mechanical keyboards.

I got a lot less active here because:

  1. School
  2. The mechanical keyboard subreddit is amazing (spent too much of my time there)
  3. My V still isn’t here yet (IGG LB i7 backer… It’s been a long year)
  4. Life threw a lot of hurdles at me

But now that I’m back here, seeing that the community have grown a lot since its early days, I wanted to come back and hopefully contribute more to the community by sharing my opinions and of course, give a review of the V once it’s here! (I think it’s coming soon, judging by the recent update)

Looking forward to meet you all in the new community!


The V village grew a lot, changed for sure, but your house is still there where you build it :heart_eyes:

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Small amendment to the above statement, the inhabitant of the house when you left were earlier EVE’s 2, then 6, then 9, and then 14 and now added more to give community good User Experience (UX) and the community 1k to some crazy numbers, yeah the house was small so we moved to a villa now :slight_smile:

Welcome back, don’t use the room that I am in, i need privacy, take Kosnta or Mike room, they seldom spent time nowaday, 1 shuttling 3 continents, and other sleeping in factory floor :slight_smile:

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The village has only one house?
Well, why not ?:blush: