Refunds Starting Email

I received an email from Eve Support circa Feb 9 saying that refunds were starting and that I was to be in the first batch of customers to receive refund for my 2017 eve-tech order. I replied with the requested documents attached (for like the 7th time probably), but did not want to provide bank details for a wire over email. Requested refund to my current cc instead, or paper check to be physically mailed if that was not possible. Did not hear anything back as of 10 March, when I repeated my reply email (and actually got a “reply received” automated receipt this time).

Given Eve’s history, the request for my bank account details really sent the “it’s a scam!” hairs on the back of my neck going straight up, to be sure…

I will cut them some slack for the current delays in processing these refunds, if in fact their CSR team really is based in Ukraine. Based on the names of several of the CSRs that have replied to my inquiries about the refund in the past, I would say the idea that their team is there is plausible or better. I imagine they have much more important things going through their minds at this exact moment.