Reference Touch Monitor for Artists, Animators, Designers, etc

Hey there guys!! How is everyone doing? I wanted to get some critique and thoughts out there. Lemme know what you think!!

I know Eve is already working on a monitor but I’ve been looking for a type of monitor for the longest time and I can’t seem to find something I can appreciate. But as an amateur artist, I find myself wishing for big enough touch screen I can pair with my cintiq pro. Something I can attach to an arm. Something around the 27in. With great color and refresh rate, 4k and a few bells and whistles. At the level, I am at, I use a lot of reference and gesture drawings and I don’t mind dual screens but its the switching between mouse pad, wacom pen, and sometimes keyboard that often annoys me!! I just wish I could just use a touch screen setup and point and touch to get what I want. It just feels like it would be a bit more seamless!! I heard of an app that allows you to use your Ipad as a second screen and that’s what I’m working on also. And I’ve also seen like one 15.5in 4k monitor out there and will probably give that a try!! What are your thoughts Eve Community? Or any fixes?? Thanks a much!!

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