Receipt? I didn't get one


Did any of you receive a receipt from buying stuff from Eve?

I bought a Spectrum 4K, but never received anything - other than the monitor (most important part for sure). Even the $100 I paid up front are still “unfulfilled” under my account on the webstore. I know that’s because I paid in the US webstore, instead of the EU store - Eve support calculated the “extra” amount I should pay, but never changed my account to EU.

I have no proof of ever buying a monitor from Eve - and I’d like to have that - in regards to insurance, if something happens to it.

Maybe someone from the support team can help me out with a receipt?

Hi @8BiTw0LF,

I am sorry I can’t be of much help here, but you will have to contact our support team for this.

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Did anyone get a refund for cancelled orders in the flashsale 2017?

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