Reasons not to buy the V

Have seen some varied reviews of the V, now I BELIEVE in this product. Any reasons not to?

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I see couple:

For V (device) - could be slow for some jobs (advanced video or graphics, gaming); issues with battery life (from some reviews); weird CPU behaviour (m3 vs. i7 in some tests); LCD panel weir results (some reviews).

For EVE (company) - unknown company (this could be risky for future repairs/exchanges); bad record of delays


Well, if you don’t see any, just go for it :wink:

But for other people there may be some. These are a couple that crossed my mind:

  • Not being sure (yet) I if I will get a proper invoice that I can use for VAT compensation.
  • Not being sure about how Eve-Tech will perform in terms of support, warranty, etc… and for how long. I trust Eve, but still…
  • The black Alcantara keyboard seems to pick dust all over the place. For me that’s a major design problem. I don’t want to clean it every day or end up using an embarrassingly dirty keyboard.
  • Inconsistent behavior in reviews, which has me a bit worried about reliability and QC.
  • [Edit, I forgot one:] Lack of an easy way to open the device and replace a battery or upgrade an SSD. This is barely an argument compared to similar devices (as they don’t offer this either), but for some of us it is an argument against buying it at all or going for a different type of device.

Most of these just mean for me that I won’t be jumping in on December 4th. I’ll wait a little longer and probably end up buying it anyway.


Lack of Intel 8th generation processor and 10-bit HDR support.


Well keep in mind the 8G intel mobile proc isn’t as cracked up as people had hoped.

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Sarcasm isn’t right here, there are reasons why this isn’t the deal you were looking for.

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The whole 8th gen is a dud.

There is no low voltage 8 gen Intel processor.

Did you even bother to check out whether or not it’s a failure?? It’s way faster than the current Eve v tablet without exceeding 15tdp.

This is a tablet to get if you’re doing art work or general office commands. For more advanced functions such as gaming, CAD, heavy music production, might be better looking elsewhere. It is one of the better tablets in this range.

8th gen Kaby Lake R is not a failure. Oh no. The Cinebench results might have a bone to pick with that idea. The failure is on OEMs for not investing in proper cooling solutions to handle the wattage.

I’m talking about the desktop parts, to clarify this a bit.

As said no Y series processors in the 8th gen series.

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There isn’t an easy way to log into W10 if you’ve forgotten your password, unlike witgh Apple.

Old news - already repaired … And please do not start flamewar - you are way off-topic.

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Sorry, let’s get back to that scintillating on topic discussion about the perfomance of Intel 8th gen.

Reasons to not buy the V, as deducted from the "Don’t"s here

The V is not a good product for you:

  1. If you want to use it underwater
  2. Similarly, if you want to use it in the shower
  3. If you want to stand on it
  4. If you want to use the backside for eating
  5. if you want to use “low battery” as an excuse to not get your work done

@Patrick_Hermawan - good ones …
But can I use V to beat junior personnel in field? Will V survive? (I don’t care about juniors …).


Depends if you do it with the back/edge of it or the screen.
Wouldn’t recommend doing it with the screen.


And remember: braces make horrible scratches!


Thanks for help - we had yesterday mandatory class how to “behave” with new generations (millennials, snow flakes) … they took out all fun in fieldwork … :cry::cry::cry: