Real time editting

Hi all , I know that this isn’t place to discuss something like this , but I’m really in need of help from you !

Tomorrow I’m starting new semester in my med school and I used to edit study guides and notes with my friends online using google doc , but it’s no longer working from now ( as study guides contains many formats , figures , images and complex - so each time I upload it and open it in google doc it become disrupted ) so any one can guide me how to make real time editing with another friend ?

Thank you !

Did you try to use OneNote from Microsoft ?

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What is the original format of the study guides? PDF? .docx? etc. If it’s .docx, you can try Office Online:

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I tried , but it’s too much lagging and it’s response very slow for changes , so can’t depend on it for real time editting !

That suggests that the files are pretty big (either in length, file size, images etc). Have you tried splitting the original files into smaller ‘chunks’. Eg. Chapters etc?

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Did you try do compromise the file if it is a ms office file? Google it, office has a feature to lower resolution of photos and grafics in the document so you could send it through email. Should work for your case too. The only Programm where you could edit that thing with a friend is one note with a pretty on point sync and you even could see what was changed since last time and who did it.

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While I tried none of those have a look at this comparison:

Looks quite good.

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You can actually use the desktop version of Office for this. You just need to log in with your Microsoft account and share the file with your friends through Onedrive. Each time you click “save”, it will upload your changes to Onedrive, download the changes made by your friends and merge them. I’ve done this only once, so I don’t remember how exactly it works. But if you don’t need to see your friends’ changes literally instantly, this might work pretty well. You can all just hit Ctrl+S more often to see the changes :slight_smile:

None of these will support Word files better than Google Docs. In fact, I can only see one that might support Word files at all.

I have tried it , but it won’t work efficiently since you should do each time save to see changes , not life changes .

And Office online… Have you tried a different browser? It shouldn’t lag as long as your browser is efficient enough :slight_smile: (and your computer is fast enough)

my laptop is very fast , and internet right now about 15 MBS
I made test with a friend the word online response lagged , till I made tab refresh to see it :joy::joy::joy:

Sorry, what does MBS mean? MB/s or Mbps? Anyway, I guess either should be enough. But I never said anything about your connection speed… I was only talking about your computer’s overall speed and your browser’s Javascript efficiency. It would be interesting to know how you define “very fast” :wink: and what browser you’re using

The other question is ‘why’ you need realtime editing? Do you need to both be working at different parts of the document at the same time? Or you just need to watch each other make the changes?

Would screen sharing work? TeamView, Screenhero, etc

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my laptop is 7600u cpu with 16 gb ddr4 ram and I’m using right now latest edition of google chrome

at same time we are making editing for same text so we should know what you are writing right now and where , to avoid repetition and over writing.

Have you tried Firefox? In some cases the Javascript performance is faster than on Chrome, in some it isn’t but it’s worth a try :slight_smile: javascript is such a thing, it lags even on fast computers. It’s very important to use an efficient browser for it.