Razer uses Thunderbolt 3 to add dedicated graphics to its sleek new Ultrabook

What do you guys think of external gpu solution for maximum performance ? Is it something that has potential?

I would love to have that, this would allow a tablet like a Surface Pro to really replace almost everything either for working or for gaming.
It doesn’t only allow you to have an external graphic card, it is also a usb hub and provides also a wired network connection.
Did you see that Intel is also preparing a solution like this but for their mini computers NUC ? ( Gaming | T3 )
My only main concern is the noise that this system will make when running.
It could be great to have this system a little bit more modular like the Razer Core would be the base, than you would be able to add a bottom layer to provide a water-cooling system and maybe another layer that would provide room to insert storage (trays to put hdd or ssd in it). Thunderbolt 3 would be capable enough to support that.

I would like to know if it would be possible to have a thunderbolt connector on a tablet. That would be awesome :slightly_smiling:


This would make perfect sense. I’d love to have a large monitor and external graphics card at home I could simply plug into when I need to edit and render video or other more demanding tasks. Why have to haul around a beefy gpu in your device all the time when you only occasionally need it?

Just a comment it there are plans to host external graphics cards on the PF, either was an Eve dock or third party - Razer, for following the diy egpu community HERE I know there can sometimes be issue around resource allocation from the laptops to allow the gpus to run. The people on the forum will be able to help better with details and the current situation, but it might be worth exploring if there are plans for support - official or otherwise.

Remember the eGPU solution that I mentioned to you in the “what’s next” thread? :slight_smile: well, it does exactly what you described. And Eve will develop it soon after the PF :slight_smile:

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No promise we’ll make one 100% but we’ll be definitely be looking into it :slight_smile:
If it’s not reasonable we’ll likely not do it.

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Would love to see this happen.

This is the main reason I didn’t get any of the new SP