Razer Blade Stealth or Eve V

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I’m new here and was really psyched when I read about the Eve V. Especially since I’m still waiting for my delivery of my Razer Blade Stealth + Razer Core. I originally wanted a 2 in 1 like the surface but the surface has no thunderbolt so no eGPU.
An eGPU is important to me since I’m a gamer as well (Total War, Assassin’s Creed, Witcher, GTA 5 etc.). I also use Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.
When I saw, that the V has a thunderbolt and similar specs to the blade I was really excited. A dream come true. The Eve V and the Razer Core. Perfect!

Now I’ve read through some posts and specs and I’m troubled with the i7 Y. Can it handle aforementioned games and software? I could find a definit answer to this. The Y has a better peak performance than the U but only for a short time. That troubles me on the gaming aspect. Have there been tests with the V so far?

I appreciate your help or opinion on this one.

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There have been discussions about what the V can manage. You should look through those.
As for tests, there are prototypes being stress tested now, but I don’t think there are anyone testing games yet. But as soon as the protos find their way to Insiders and those that won the right to test them, there probably will be. I am not sure if I can say when the protos are being sent out, but know that it is soon.

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You should also consider getting Eve eGPU box instead of Razer (a.k.a. Overprice) Core :slight_smile:


@pauliunas Hmmm. I heard about that but as far as I know it’s only a wisper :wink:

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@nawthor I read through some of those. But “heavy” games I couldn’t find. Only light Indie games, which I’m quite sure the V can handle. The same goes for Photoshop etc.

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Well, they released the tablet with Thunderbolt so it makes sense to somehow use that port :slight_smile: And everyone here agrees that the current offers are all overpriced. Eve pretty much promised, although not officially, to produce their own box with a decent price :slight_smile:

Judging by comparison of my desktop CPU and Skylake-Y benchmarks, it will handle all current AAA games without a problem. But these processors are limited by TDP, so benchmarks are a bit far from the truth. It’s hard to tell, because that depends heavily on the cooling and whether they will allow us to set 7W TDP.

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I don’t think the V will handle serious gaming well, if were talking about Witcher 3 and the likes. You will probably achieve the minimum requirements of these titles concerning the CPU, but this is not taking any throttling under consideration.
In my opinion for this use case I’d rather go with a machine that’s built for gaming. I’m sure the V’s cooling will be fine for the use it’s designed for but I doubt it will have no CPU throttling at all under a sustained load like a AAA title.
But if you’re not in a huge hurry maybe just wait it out until the V is properly tested and make a decision then.


Assuming the use of an eGPU and an external monitor…

I wonder how effective would notebook coolers like this one (link) would be.

I don’t know how valid this site is but you may have a look at this.

It’s just marketing. I wouldn’t trust it.
@kazenorin I think a cooling pad would improve it, but don’t expect miracles to happen, because there’s still the TDP limit.

I think it is worth noting that MOST games are not very CPU dependent, and will lean more on your GPU once a graphics card is attached via an eGPU (enough acronyms yet?).

It will be a rare case where apples-to-apples (same attached video card) you would see the Eve V dip below 60 FPS on a game where the Stealth stays above. Maybe in Doom on a mid-tier graphics card?

My point is that I have done a comparison myself and have concluded the performance will be +/- 5% on most games, nothing that impacts a purchase decision.

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Here is a video about gaming with an Intel Core M3-7Y30 in a 2in1 called Teclast X5 Pro.