Razer Blade Stealth - I so much wanted it to be perfect... What do you think

After seeing this at CES i was hooked and waiting.
What else could go wrong right?
i7, 8GB ram, 4K screen, 8 hour battery, metal build, 2.7lb and all for $1400 plus they promised the core!

I bought and returned it after using for two weeks, here is why:

  1. Battery is NOT even 4h under light use. C’mon all manufacturers are liars, but this is perhaps on par only with Dell xps 13 claims on 15h battery. I guess it can get 8h idling with screen off
  2. Bezels, I thought I will get used to them. I didn’t, I could not look 3+ cm bezels, not in 2016 and not after spending more than $1.5K on an ultrabook (with taxes)
  3. Build - how could they make a MATTE black chassis that is such a fingerprint magnet!!! Just how? And worst part you cannot just wipe it off!
  4. Razer Core - it is $500 for just a box and PSU! It must be like a 1000% mark-up on that piece of crap. No wonder they were so sneakily quite and delayed the announcement. They wanted people to buy the RBS and then milk them for more money on the core!!! This is just a disgusting business practice! Not buying anything from Razer any time soon

Hehe, milking money is exactly what I’d expect from all these “gaming” brands :slight_smile:

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Sadly, the RBS would be perfect if they didn’t cut corners on the last part of development. I mean how hard was it to fit it with 13.3" screen (there is plenty space in the existing chassis), paint it with normal paint and put a slightly bigger battery.:sob:


Yeah, I understand. But I’m talking about that $500 PSU, haha :smiley: that’s absolutely their way of doing business :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know for $500 I can make a decent tower since I have to buy GPU separately anyway


@Ivan_Lazarenko, we hear you! Thats exactly why Eve exsists. We know that most of the manufacturers develop products so that they look and sound great in commericals but when it comes to real life use they simply suck! And sadly level of marketing lies keeps getting worse each and every year! Fortunatelly togehter with community we can change that and develop devices that really live up and exceed the expectations.

There is no wonder that you experienced these problems. They put such a thick bezel because slimmer one costs more to implement mechanically and would mean they woud get lower profit. Surface of the device is the fingerprint magnet because they did not want to go for fully CNCed aluminium body but they chose to make die caseted device with soft touch paint to make it feel worth the money:)

Battery life is not surpsing as core I in small form factors consumes a lot! Thats the reason we want to use core M in our device btw:)

Happy to see you in community!

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I believe they aren’t very smart since people who buy won’t be recommending their product thus they’ll have to spend much more in marketing. Even worse, reviews aren’t going to be very good and that in itself will draw many people away. That’s also why I think the Pyramid Flipper will be a sucess. :wink:


Someday we’ll get a Razer Core equivalent for 200 or even 150$.

I don’t see that much appeal on a Razer Core since if I want to be gaming I’ll just set up a gaming desktop

I would think more of a sub-$100 price tag. There is really not much to do there… I can buy a whole motherboard and PSU for that price. @Konstantinos, what do you think about creating an Eve PCIe adapter?

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But that’s the point of a convertible laptop! You get a laptop and a tablet, and a gaming device with this one. It’s supposed to be cheaper than buying them separately, because you don’t need 3 separate motherboards, CPUs, sets of RAM and everything, just input devices (keyboard + touchscreen) and a graphics card (in this specific case). I know it often turns out to be even more expensive, but that’s the manufacturers’ fault and I believe guys like Eve will change that to the good side.

But won’t having a box like the Razer Core take the portability away?

But you can disconnect it and use it as a laptop and tablet…

Yeah I know, I’m talking about the “gaming mode”

Good to know this stuff, mainly because reviewers are giving 4 to 4.5 out of 5 stars, which tells a completely different story than what you mentioned here.

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Me too :slight_smile: try to look at it as the Lumia’s Continuum station - it offers gaming performance at your desk, while you can just unplug it and continue your work everywhere else, just with a less powerful GPU. Lumia’s dock is supposed to reduce the price because you don’t need a separate desktop (well, that is, if you’re a VERY light desktop user). This PCIe adapter would do the same to offer gaming performance at the price of a GPU + $100 instead of the full desktop PC price, and also offer you the streamlined experience across tablet, laptop and desktop. Of course its usage scenarios are not limited to gaming. Quite the opposite, it lets you do a lot of stuff that you normally can’t on a laptop, like have an audio card for music production or just hooking up a HiFi system at home… It would basically give you the full flexibility of a desktop, because you would have a PCIe slot for anything you want.


Let’s do something like this as an accessory for the PF. It could work with any device with a Thunderbolt 3 port.
This can be the next revolution in technology.
If it’s under 100$ it’ll sell like hot cakes :grinning:

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The only problem is that there are really not so many devices with that port. So few, that they could be counted on fingers…

Which is why people will notice a device like this. True, the PF is revolutionary as well, but it competes against a sea of tablets and 2in1s. This device, on the other hand, will have virtually no competition, especially at that price point.

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And can you have an adapter Thunderbolt 3 to USB A 3.1 gen 2 (not sure if it’s even possible!)?

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