Ravenridge Laptops Where are you pals?

I’m looking for Laptops/ultrabooks with the ravenridge APUs.
Sadly i have been quite bad at finding them. So i would like you guys to provide me some links :wink: maybe one of you have spotted one in the wild.

Where are you from? A friend of mine was looking for a laptop on black friday and I saw the HP Envy with Ryzen 5 2500 at a local store in Canada. I ended up making her buying a laptop with an i5 8250u and MX150 as it was less expensive and had an SSD. The Ryzen laptop had an HDD… why HP why?

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I’m from switzerland and even Googling in english didn’t give me any useful results.

The HP Envy x360 seems to be the only Raven Ridge powered laptop on the market at this moment of time.

This laptop (HP Envy x360 15m-bq121dx) is in very limited distribution currently - Toppreise.ch didn’t recognise it.

There are other laptops rumored to be coming, like the Dell Latitude 5495, but obviously this isn’t on the market yet.

Some of the Raven Ridge/Ryzen Mobile laptops - for example Acer, Lenovo - are to be launched later in 2018 according to rumours.

Looks like HP produced a turd :frowning:
They might as well use singel channel RAM it’s allready hopelessly gimped -_-

Here is one fresh from CES Acer Announces New and Powerful AMD Ryzen-Powered Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop with RX 560 Graphics - Starts at Just $799

This is what I’ll be getting if I don’t receive my Eve V in a timely manor (ordered end of March). Dell Inspiron 13 w/ Ryzen APU. Apparently Dell used last years chassis for it but its the first half decent Ryzen laptop. Or so it seems.

Would love if the next Eve V ran an AMD APU. Make it happen folks!