Random periods of hyper over-exposed/white screen

My screen is randomly turning super bright and overexposed for seemingly no reason? Sometimes its when I switch applications, sometimes its just Google Chrome thats overexposed? Its driving me nuts. And how can we access the display settings via the back joystick? They’re all greyed out and can’t be adjusted? How can I do this? Please help!

Hi, @Archist, and welcome to the community!

I’m assuming this is on a PC / Laptop? Do you have HDR enabled in your OS? Could you also detail your device(s) that you are using with the Spectrum?

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I did have HDR enabled for it; and I’m using it with my desktop computer, but I found a different problem someone had and tried disabling the HDR to have access to the properties and it worked.

Also, when I turn it on sometimes, just the left half of the monitor is on and the right side is black/ split right down the middle?

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I would contact support for this, but I do have a clarifying question: is it half the image showing, or the full image compressed into the half that is activated?

Just half the image, not compressed. Sorry for my delayed response