Random black screen while gaming (not exclusively)


I have a problem with my EVE Monitor (4k - 144hz model). The problem is that while gaming (but not exclusively) I randomly get a black screen with “No signal” displayed briefly. It happens very often and it’s really frustrating. I’ve tried multiple HDMI and DP cables (including the HDMI cable from my PS5) but still experiencing this problem.
My specifications:

  • GPU: RTX 3080 (512.15 version for Nvidia drivers)
  • Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming
  • Monitor Firmware: updating to 105 didn’t help as well, I started experiencing this on 104 and I hoped upgrading to 105 would work.
  • OS: Windows 11 Home 22000.556

I’ve tried turning the refresh rate lower than 144 → 120 but it still occurs
I’ve disabled VRR and Low-latency mode but it still occurs
I’ve disabled HDR from Windows but it still occurs

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Hi, @Mirtzea

We have a topic dedicated to this issue, which we are actively collecting data for in order to submit to our Firmware Developer Team (fw dev team). Please see Spectrum | Screen Blanking Issue

EDIT: Never mind, I see you’ve posted there as well.

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