R.I.P. tablets. Will 2 in 1 replace your laptop this year?

With tablet sales declining rapidly. 2 in 1s are the only growing category this year.

What’s your take on this? Have you already considered getting a 2 in 1? Why in your opinion tablet sales are declining?

Nice article on this topic The iPad Pro outsold Surface last quarter; detachable tablets on the rise | Windows Central

  • I think 2-in-1s are cool
  • I already have a 2-in-1!
  • I don’t like the idea of them

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I have mixed feeling.
IMO devices like Lenovo Yoga, or even more devices like Surface Book are future - docking system got to be slim and elegant. Solutions like in Transformer Book are just ugly. :confused:

Microsoft reinvented 2in1…
but it is MS and nobody treat Surface Book like they would treat iPad Book.


@Filip_Ka I am on the same page with you here! I am personally not a big fan of those Asus ugly hinge designs :slight_smile:

I am the one most obsessed with 2 in 1 tablets in our team :smiley:

By the way, what is in your opinion best way to call our device? A tablet or a 2 in 1? Maybe a hybrid?

@Konstantinos, it depends on what additional functionality would you add to to keyboard segment, if any.

Referring to the results of STEP 2 of development I would call the device a Tablet - keyboard seems to became an accessory for the device, not its integral part.

KeyTab ? )) I am agree with Filip_Ka that physical keyboards are not very popular at the moment. But if you give an option to the user who is in the middle of composing the huge e-mail while he is sitting in the coffe shop))) i believe he will prefer the keys to have. And as soon as that keys are also a cover for his Pad, i think this will work. At least for me as I travel a lot but I do not want to lug around a laptop.

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It just might, answering the topic. Proper experience and suddenly you know “hey, that could be useful”, which is the first step towards “take my money”.

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What is more Windows 10 Tablets seems to need a physical keyboard as long onscreen keyboard is underdeveloped. Keyboard covers the half of a screen in nonWindowsStore programs. :confused:

On bigger screens you can actually minimize the keyboard and move it around. When I had surface I would often stick it to the top screen border,

I can play around with a keyboard but should it not be an opptional move?What if I want to keep keyboard docked on the bottom of a screen and use messenger.com in Chrome?

I like a Tablet Mode in Win 10 and I would like windows to minimalize with a keyboard. - like on a picture. :wink:

Oh, I know what you mean! If the app is not optimized for touch then you will have a lot of struggles!
I overall found Microsoft Edge browser the only solution to this. When you use Edge usig touch becomes so much more convenient. Google Chrome experience is terrible :smiley:

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I’m waiting for extension for Edge to start using it.

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Hey, I know I’m like half a year late to the discussion, but aren’t your windows automatically resized when you dock the keyboard? That’s pretty weird… I’m still using Windows 8.1 here, both Firefox and Skype move the typing area above the keyboard when I open it. The only thing I need to do is dock the keyboard to the bottom :slight_smile:

I don’t like the idea of tablets. Typing on a screen is ridiculous. Thus there is also no need for a detachable keyboard. Having a wireless keyboard is a great security risk imho. A detachable screen would be a much better idea than a detachable keyboard. This way, you could switch between a transflective display and a wide garmut display. You could also leave it away altogether, whenever you don’t need a display.

When you don’t need a display? And when is that? Lol…