Quirks of Windows Update 1803 (and potential fixes)

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Time for some small tech talk - I know that 1803 is giving people a few troubles with some weird quirks. But I thought I’d make this post for us to share quirks of 1803 and how to fix them.
As this is a wiki, please feel free to share them!

Randomly freezing applications

Noticed that some applications (mostly discord) kept freezing my V at random, when I popped it up. After this also happened with a small coding game I was playing, I realized this might be due to the GPU-acceleration that sometimes makes Windows freeze (except the cursor)
Workaround: Lock & Unlock - the simplest workaround and works 100% for me.
Potential fix: Reinstalling the graphics driver seems to fix this issue. (Confirmation needed - did not encounter freezes in 30 minutes after this)

Update won’t install

On some devices the update does fail with an error via the Settings.
Workaround: Go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and update via that.
(by @worldspy99)


I had randomly freezes in file explorer and abrupt shutdowns of office and other desktop programs… (my solution was to go back to 1709)…

Doing a clean boot and making the May update and reinstall some features or some software if needed can improve things

I had the problem (on my i7, Intel 1TB model) of such since I had installed it on the first hour of release 1803, and kept the update regularly doing it work, so far good. And i use it very extensively for day to day offical work.

There has been a problem with nvidia drivers too so pretty sure that all graphic driver need to be reinstalled because of the new game Xbox interface.

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I found this element on the error:

checking my compdata file, I noticed that apparently 2 of the drivers I installed on the Eve have not signed binaries

	<DriverPackage Inf="oem53.inf" BlockMigration="True" HasSignedBinaries="False"/>
	<DriverPackage Inf="oem52.inf" BlockMigration="True" HasSignedBinaries="False"/>

Error might come from there… Investigation ongoing

My Eve V just crashed and can’t seem to do anything to get out of the shell command interface.
I have scheduled an appointment with the Microsoft Store on Thursday.

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U gone back to Microsoft with this issue? I’m also having this issue too.

I had to leave my Eve V at the Microsoft store. They will restore the computer and probably revert it back to the previous version. Looks like the computer was not reading a partition on the Hard drive. Most likely it is an Intel SSD that is having issues with the 1803 update. I am hoping to have the computer back by Monday.

it is the Intel ssd of the V causing problems as stated officially by MS and eve. (check the other 1803 thread). A fix for that issue is planned for around next week… MS store wouldn’t fix it before the patch is done by MS…


I got my Eve last weekend from the MS Store. So far so good.

with a working 1803 windows version?

btw: who is running 1803 on his i7 512GB V without problems (please add some programs you are using to your answers)
Should I try to install it (using my V daily for business as my only device)

As already stated in previous post on the Windows update problem, you should install the patch from windows

I do not have any problems with the 1803 Windows version (i5 256GB V).

If the update is offered via Windows update, I would assume that it is saved as the ssd problem is known and hopefully solved with the latest update.

And what happened after 30 minutes?

Those files (oem52.inf and oem53.inf) are located in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository. Can you use the search feature (on the top right corner, just type in “oem52.inf” without quotes) and open the file to see what driver it is? You can use Notepad or any standard text editor

Yup 1803 is working fine. I have the i5/256 version.

I will try and do that later today.

i7 512GB on W1803 running ok.
Sometimes, after waking up from sleep, my VPN crashes (= no Internet connection). To get Internet working again: restart computer.
No problems with Office 2016; Soda PDF 7; Norton.

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Running 1803, usually running:
Visual Studio & other IDEs

Sorry, I did not follow up afterwards! No more freezes at all :slight_smile:

Might also be due to reinstalling the GPU driver :slight_smile:

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