Quick update on Muse and Spectrum

Hi there folks!

Wanted to make a short update from our side.

Before we dive in:
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We have received a lot of amazing feedback from you in the latest spectrum post in terms of industrial design. Now our team and Propeller are processing your inputs to push design in the right direction.

The next step for the monitor is to share with you 3 3D concepts based on your feedback and previous design directions. We expect renders to come on the week of 16 September. Once we receive renders we will get them shared right away to pick things we like most from each of the concepts to lock final design down.

In the meantime we are confirming some of the remaining technical questions.

We will soon build up a dedicated webpage for spectrum too for people to stay connected.


Muse hasn’t moved at as fast pace as spectrum mainly because after going through your feedback over and over again we realized that despite muse having kick ass audio and noise canceling capabilities it is essential to get voice call quality right! As a result we had few meetings with few high tech companies in Denmark, Israel and China to see what is the bleeding edge calling mic tech. Of course there were not many developments in the actual mics as hardware components but there have been some new tremendous developments in voice processing algorithms recently.

So once we get technical solution for best call quality out there we will proceed with design in a similar fashion with Spectrum. So what I am trying to say that it’s very possible use will come with 4 calling mics :smiley:

After all we’re not here to make just yet another pair of cans. We want to make an exception product worthy of developed by dough.community label. So stay tuned for updates on this one!


Really excited for Muse hoping that design direction for Muse goes towards a modern look.


Same here, but I’d love a retro look :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then it could be a punk design.

Or a timeless one (classic!)

Muse is the one that interests me most, but it’s fine if you’re waiting for a technical solution to voice call quality. That’s not a feature that i care about, but it’s important for other people, and we want Muse to be a top seller. :slight_smile: So there’s no rush. Better to wait and make it the best it can be.


Noise canceling in these beats Bose, sony and others together:))

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I really don’t get what you’re saying here :thinking:

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Noise* canceling in these (in the Muse), beats Bose, Sony and others (all) together b :grin::grin:
Edit: forgot smiley faces


Important next focus should be comfort, sound stage and passive noise canceling.


Sorry for my text :smiley: I meant that noise canceling performance of headphones @Hakan_Reis shared beats all:D