Quick Review after long term use

Hi everybody,
as one of the early bird Eve users and senior creator, here is just a little review of my experiences with the Eve V.

I use my V now over 2 years on a nearly daily basis.
Most use cases are work,gaming and usual all day tasks.

Work: some CAD (Vectorworks) drawing, Visualisation works (rendering and preprogramming) and some Photoshop/llustrator.
Gaming. Fortnite,Apex Legends and retro Console gaming.
All day tasks: Internet surfing,Emails,To do lists,Office (excel,word)

So, perfomance wise the V does everything as expected, from a mobile device. you cant expect super performance from it, but for what it is, it does anything without problems and behaves well. Im sometimes even impressed, how good it manages my tasks.

for gaming: when I`m in the train or plane, the V behaves also well and I can play all my games, on medium settings, which is enough for me and I enjoy it. Connection to a gaming controller works also flawless.Also a BT Headset works without problems.

All day tasks are not a problem at all :slight_smile:

So overall I`m happy with it.
But there are also a few Cons. Mostly they are hardware related.

-USB C Ports wear out after a while and I sometimes have bad connections,especially when charging.
-Keyboard, has some problems with connection via the pogo Pins, from time to time.
-Trackpad has some strange behaviour and ghosting, from time to time.
-Fingerprint reader stoped working (general Windows problem)
-Sometimes, it has problems, switching between Keyboard and tablet mode.
-Power Supply died after a while (not a problem, since I have a spare one)
-The Pen, doesnt attach to the side very poor, after a while and doesnt really stick tight anymore.

So after all, I still like my V and use it nearly daily.
It`s a great device, with some flaws.

I would definitly buy it again, if in V2, some of the problems are fixed.

If you have any questions, let me know and hope this helps a few people.



I would take the fingerprint reader problem to the software related part since mine (HEB V using it since 2 years) had never any problems…
Did you have the i7? Do you have another pc?

I have the I7…and nope, this is my only PC, since Im usally a MACuser :) And I dont blame the fingerprint reader on Eve :wink:
In the beginning it worked perfect but after a Win Update it stopped and since then I could never recover it…

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I got to say that although I got my device for only a year of full usage (days in and days out), I would say the Eve-V is a really magnificent piece of device. Not sure why a lot of people had issues with the Finger-Print scanner but I find that if you had issues and just do a screen lock at start up and start it again, it would work.

P.S. When I got my Eve, I installed Linux straight on and don’t regret doing that since more or less, as a full time Linux user, this is a really powerful similarly to the Intel Nuc (except for some bottleneck when let’s say, you encode or copying files over from Hard disk to hard disk).

Lastly, I would like to say that although my Pogo ping starts wearing out, I still love the keyboard and would love to order another pair if possible (since the warranty ended - 6 months for keyboard).