Questions Eve's sleeves

I assume that the Eve is ‘self-contained’ - that like the Surface, the keyboard acts as a lid for the tablet, is this correct? And that the sleeves which are available are just extra for carrying, and are not necessary needed for protecting the device, right?

Otherwise, when I went to look at the individual accessories I see that the Eve comes with a pen, a charger (which I assume will work with 110AC - for US), a charging cable, and the international power adapters.

It may be obvious to some, but I think it would be good if ALL of the included accessories are listed with the descriptions of the Eve tablets, so we don’t have to guess about if they are included or not.

Thanks, D.

I have the zipper sleeve. It can hold the V, the kb, the pen and maybe some papers. It’s a snug fit…no space for any power brick. I could probably get a usb cable folded up inside. Re padding…one inside side has nice rubber padding. The other is thicker material but not rubber. But there’s a partition divider inside of material which would add an extra layer of “protection”. It’s a cool designer styled case as opposed to a military style protection case.

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Thanks NetKid, I think my question was really if it’s okay if you don’t have a sleeve, does the Eve V keyboard act like a cover, similar to what the Surface and other similar tablets do? I already have a sleeve with a strap that I think will work nicely for this. Best, D

If you have a V and kb, you can fold the kb up so it covers the screen. Like a folio. But the top is exposed still.

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The top is exposed? What does that mean? Do you mean part of the screen is exposed? And by ‘exposed,’ do you mean that some part of this device. is ‘open’ to being damaged, or? D.

Picture this. No sleeve. Keyboard is attached to then V. You close the keyboard over the screen. Just like an Apple cover or surface keyboard cover or kindle cover. There has to be a slight gap where the keyboard and screen meet at the top. There’s no issue

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In case your question wasn’t really addressed, maybe I can help. When you have the keyboard attached, the screen is completely covered by it, but the magnets (which are presumably there for waking/sleeping) aren’t strong enough to hold the keyboard closed if you pick up the Eve by the tablet only. If you are carrying this inside of bag, it would probably stay closed and keep the screen protected. However, the aluminum back of the Eve would not be protected from dings and scratches. That’s what the sleeve is for, and since you already have one, you’re all set.

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