Questions about the charger

Sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn’t find anything about this. So when it comes to the charger I had 2 questions:

  1. If I order from Australia will it come with our natural connection or will I have to buy an adaptor
  2. Is it chargeable from the USC type C port? If not what kind of charger does it use.

Thanks in advance.

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Two simple answers:

  1. Yes (will be the charger (edit: plug) of the country it ships to)
  2. Yes, USB-C



can i request different charger? since i will take my eve to my home country… ? any info?

I would suggest contacting the Team via a pm to change that

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okay… i shall contact them now :smiley:

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During the backerkit confirmation for the IGG purchases, EVE offered switchable heads to the charger that was shipped with the V (a travel pack pretty much). I’m almost sure that the same will be offered in their web shop.

Here is what I am talking about:


so basically it’s just a converter?.. I thought that the main jack for every country are different… its okay i think , thanks

It is as you say, a different main jack for each country. It is, however, still modular from the charger body. So all Vs will be shipped with the same charger, but everyone should receive a country-appropriate plug.

The International Replaceable Plug Set simply contains all the different plugs that are available.


i see, it is modular with US / Type A on the body … thx for the info Helios… i already order it…