Questions about screen protectors and eve v

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It’s my first time to show my existance here though I’ve been reading and following this forum for some time now. It’s been interesting to follow along these moments which hopefully will only be a chapter in a big success story.

To the main point though.

I read that 1. batch buyers will get a screen protector included with the device. Will future buyers have a option to choose to include screen protectors for a extra price?

Does the eve v need a screen protector or does gorilla glass last for the lifetime of an eve v?

How does the pen work with a screen protector? Will any 10" protector from eBay work fine?

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I’d say it really depends on the glass quality. While I never had to use a protector on my Apple devices, my OnePlus didn’t like some sand in it’s bag and got slightly scratched, without any additional force.
How about @Konstantinos does a scratch-test (in his unique fashion :stuck_out_tongue: ) when the QA is done on Friday? Just use one of those faulty displays to make real-life test.

You’d need 12.3’', and with the right aspect ratio. It might be difficult to find one, though I didn’t search for one.


Pretty sure we have identical ratio and size to SP4/SP2017.

The screen itself yes, but not the entire front of the device. I would not want to have e.g a foil stopping stopping some millimeters to the edge…

In my experience the need for a screen protectors highly depends on how you take care of your devices. I myself take very good care of mine and do not use protectors anymore, as I prefer the feeling of the screen without it.

@Xyntexx This is not official, but I am confident that there will be a possibility to add a fitting screen protector to your shopping cart once the store opens. @Team ?


@BlackEagle Hi mate, that is actually a very good question, I will look into it. If we do not have it ready then it is definitely something we need to look into asap :).
I personally do not use screen protectors either but for a device like ours, you really want to keep it pristine as long as possible.
Keep on questioning!
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Hi There! To Answer your questions:

Yes! That should made as an option.

That I am not sure, that will have to wait until we know how the V screen holds up under daily use. And yes, assuming you don’t drop the V screen-down and use it with care, the gorilla glass should last the lifetime of the V.

I am also unable to answer that question, not until we get our Vs with the screen protector applied. But I think the experience of using the pen should be the same whether with the screen protector on or off.

No, the screen size of the V is 12.3 inches, and because of that, a 10" screen protector won’t cover the entire screen.

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Yes, we do. Both the SP2017 and the V has the exact same screen, except that the V is IGZO, the screen brightness of the V is 450 nits (as opposed to 430 nits in the SP2017) and the contrast ratio of the V is 1:1300 (1:1400 in the SP2017). Oh, and the V has an anti-reflective coating.


The V display should be robust and resistant to most scratches. I’ll be using mine with a screen protector. That said, if you try hard enough anything will break, and so a screen protector option may be an option.

Using a high-quality screen protector should not impede use of touch or pen input, though it may ad to the offset been between the pen tip and the digitizer. This may come across as a small loss of accuracy when viewed at an angle.

I don’t know if the screen protectors will be available though the web shop, but if there were no plans to have them there before, I’m sure those plans exist now!


Thanks for your thoughts and answers :slightly_smiling_face:

After paying over a thousand dollars for a device it would be nice to have something protecting it. How hard will it be to get a V repaired in case of ?? Better safe than sorry though. The screen is after all the most expensive single part, am I right?

On the other hand after paying such a price it would be nice if you could expect one to come in the package already. :smirk:

And I meant 12.3" of course. :joy:

I sadly can’t find it right now, but someone from the @Team stated somewhere that they will try to have the outside-of-warranty repair costs at cost of the part, shipping and labour and thus being reasonably low compared to other big players on the market. So, they don’t want to earn extra money due to repairs. Hope, that helps a bit. Because I think that there aren’t any accurate figures right now since there is no final plan on how to do it exactly. My (uneducated) guess would be that a screen with the glass bonded to it can be repaired for about 200$ including the shipping.

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One other question: Does the team know how the screen protector will impact the reflections on the V screen? I know the V has an anti-reflective coating. Will the provided screen-protector make the screen more reflective, less reflective or not make any difference?

And what if you remove the protection, does that damage the coating?

If the screen protector is like all others on the market for tablets and smartphones, I’m sure the adhesive won’t do any harm only gently hold it in place.

200$ for a screen replacement would not be that bad. :open_mouth:

This is a factor too that should also be taken into account and a interesting question that I hope @Team would have something to say about. :thinking:

I can’t promise the price I mentioned :smiley: it’s really just a guess (with a bit of hope) :sweat_smile: just to clarify :wink:

About the reflection of the screen protector. I’m again not sure, but I think that it’s without any coating. I have no proof though. Sorry, for all the half-baked answers…