Question about eve

I have some questions about the eve E,
will it have window hello on it (Meaning it’ll have a front facing camera). what’s the life time usage I’ll get out of it. How durable is it ifknocked off the table?.

I think about knocking it off tables and lifetime usage is something that you will have to try if you’re into that sorta thing.
But it doesn’t come with an IR enabled front cam. It uses a fingerprint scanner to enable Windows Hello.

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eve E :joy: that’s definitely a new one…

  • Eve V is not much more durable than other tablets around, so throwing it off a table might still break or scratch it
  • Eve V will not have Windows Hello via the front facing camera
  • Eve V’s lifetime usage depends on the model you get and what you plan to do with it (your use cases), for some it might last years as e.g. web browsing doesn’t require plenty of resources. But looking back at today 5 years from now you might find out that computers or tech gadgets in general advance very fast and you want new stuff anyhow.
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Ok then I’ll simplify the question. Do you know how long with the LCD & battery will last etc 2, 5 years??, the kinds of heat affects the battery life etc 25, 30 degrees out side, still 12 hour usage?.


Hello Thomas,
that is still a very generic pattern, as it depends on your usage, how often you charge, whether you prevent the battery from being full or empty all the time… It is a LiIon battery as many other devices use it as well, so it will also show the same effects.

Generally, you should be able to get 3 years out of it without to much worry (I’m using my current Ultrabook for the 4th year and the battery is still pretty decent).
Of course, heat or cold will affect the drainage of the battery (cold makes it certainly shorter, I don’t think 25 degrees has a high effect).

Maybe the following statement from the FAQ section helps you further:

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Windows Hello is an API by Microsoft, and it doesn’t require any special hardware. You can just use the pin code option to log in, that way you’re already using Windows Hello. If you want biometric authentication, Eve V has a fingerprint scanner inside the power button.
Eve will provide a 2-year warranty for it, so you’re guaranteed to get at least that. But of course it depends on how you use it.
Eve V uses a standard Li-Ion battery (or LiPo?) so the effects of temperature will be minimal, just like in all modern electronics.
As for the lifetime of LCD and battery, it’s a so-called “silicon lottery” - you never know what you get. But this applies to 100% ALL the manufacturers and all their products.