Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 and USB Power Delivery - How Does it Relate to the V?

Yes, I know Quick Charge has been discussed before in the community and how it could damage the V, but I haven’t seen this little bit of information included in any of the discussions:

TLDR: Qualcomm QuickCharge 4, announced last November, is a superset of USB-PD.

What does this mean for the V?

That a QuickCharge 4 compatible charger will also charge the V by means of USB-PD with absolutely no risk of damaging the device! :relieved:

This is important because there was a lot of confusion in the community about whether it would be safe to charge the V with a QC 1, 2, or 3 charger, and the general consensus is that nobody really knows if it would damage the V or other USB-PD devices or not, at least nobody that I have talked to. However, with QuickCharge 4.0 there is absolutely no danger of damaging the V or other device because QC 4.0 and USB-PD are effectively one and the same. QC 4.0 can speak USB-PD language and can actually step the voltages up and down more quickly and more granularly than USB-PD, meaning that you will be safer plugging a QC 4.0 certified charger into your V than you would be plugging a generic USB-PD charger, because the QC standard is more specific and includes more safety checks.

@Team Are you familiar with this new standard? It may be good to keep this in mind in future discussions about what chargers will work with the V. If in fact the V is fully compliant with USB-PD 2.0 it will work fine with QC 4.0 chargers when they start to become more widely available, which should be soon, considering that the SD835 is the first chipset to support QC 4.0 and we’re already seeing devices being released with that chip, although QC 4.0 oddly is not present in those devices as of yet.

In summary:

  • Please do not try to use QuickCharge 1-3 chargers on your V, as it may damage it! This announcement does not change that fact in any way!
  • Remember that QuickCharge 4.0 will be fully compliant with USB-PD and will finally offer an all-in-one USB-C charging solution :smile:

As always, thoughts, comments, edits, or additions are always welcome! :smile:


QuickCharge 4 hasn’t really been released yet, so I don’t think there are any chargers yet.

Snapdragon 835 chip supports QC4 but no phone that has SD835 (HTC U11, Mi6 etc) has support for QC4 at this moment. It could be activated with software update, but we will see if this will happen.

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There wasn’t a real thread but it was discussed before;)


Great summary! Thanks for sharing.


Ah good catch, I forgot about those 835 devices being released already. I’ll update my post to reflect that.