Quadcore i5 tablet

Hey guys for almost a year I am looking for an intel quadcore tablet (about i5 Level, i7 would be overkill) yet there is only the sony Z Canvas (thanks Phil), which is far outdated.

I know the Y-series is great for mobile devices because of thermals and battery life but i am curious who else is looking for an actual work tablet to get even more demanding tasks done.

  • Yes, I want a quadcore(i5) tablet
  • No, I am fine with Y-Series

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Our Y-series tops out at 7W, while HQs are 35W at minimum. How do we cool this? A thicker chassis with larger heatsink and active cooling. How do we keep it going? Again, a thicker chassis to fit a massive battery inside (point of reference: the V is already thicker than its competition with a 49 Wh battery; the MBP 15 2015 clocks in at 99.5 Wh).

Sticking a power hungry processor in a tablet currently requires huge trade-offs in portability and/or battery life. While “the tablet that can replace your MBP 15” would be awesome, the technology just isn’t there yet :wink:


I have to agree that a quad-core is not realistic in a device of this class.

I would of course like it, but it’s just not possible I’m afraid.


The Vaio Z Canvas was said to be an excellent tablet. It’s a shame they haven’t updated it.

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Well of course you can’t make it the slimmest and most lightweight device on the market, but with so many devices already on the market it would make an awesome niche product as there is no competition at all. Maybe go for it as a secondary product line after the first device :slight_smile:

And while we are at it with niche markets already; if you could make a truly glossy screen (also no matte layers underneath the glossy finish, please) I would be forever grateful. At least 1440p, min. 90hz, free/g-sync enabled.

Got my vote for a quad core tablet.

Vaio pulled this off with the Canvas with a less efficient quad core processor (i7-4770HQ) and active cooling in a 12.3 inch form factor. I would think that with the current Kaby Lake chips, it would be far more efficient and get you at least 7 hours battery life if they use a FHD screen option, phenomenal thermal pasting and a good heat pipe with good fans. It is possible, but I think it would take a lot to do. Screen size would have to be 12.6" just to make it all work.

Viao Z Canvas was a horrible tablet in every respect, because it was neither a true portability device with its 1-2h battery life, nor it was the workstation replacement one would hope for as it struggled to keep cool. To add to the misery it was the most expensive 2 in 1 on the market, because they have tried to pull the impossible and failed. This exactly what we in community wanted to avoid when we were working on V. Perhaps in the few generations we will have adequate hardware to make a quad-core tablet a reality, but unfortunately not at the moment.

Or we’ll migrate further more into cloud computing, and thus not have a need for more powerful hardware :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (sorry had to throw this idea into the wild haha)

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Oh I think it is possible now with Kaby Lake’s chips. It warranted another try.

V is with a Kaby Lake chip and it looks like the community stroke a right balance when we chose the CPU. Dealing Kaby Lake quad core in this form factor unfortunately would still yield a very compromised device

I still have to see because it is Y series. What I liked about Eve is how they decided to have a bigger heat sink than usual for other Y series devices. That gives me hope that performance will be good. I think you could get away with a quad core, but you can safely do this with a 28W chip. Most who reviewed the Canvas said heat wasn’t a problem, but it was a Haswell 4770-HQ and I know Haswell’s claim to fame was power without efficiency.

I’d like to see VAIO do a refresh. Just to test this theory. But you’re right. Quad Core in this form factor may not be smart. But you could probably get away with it by using a 28W chip.

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whats your source on the poor battery life? every review i have read said it lasts about 4-7hours depending what you are running on it. neither was it running hot or loud(compared to dual core devices like the surface pro 4). imo it was a perfect device, sure not the slimmest or lightest but i would prefer that machine with a 7th gen quadcore over anything anytime (and thunderbolt 3).

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