PX4 Situation Answer


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On the newest anouncement from 29.12. I would like to give the PX4 Situation a idea:
There is a great system amazon uses for sorting the many parcels and its very high automated.
The company who produce this for them are here in a neightborland Netherlands it’s named Vanderlande.
Video from them
May there could be a option to get a company like PX4 that had a higher automation grade and can handle the sorting in less than the actual time? E.g: If you buy on amazon, the parcel is maybe on the next day or in Case on chinese company that sells throught amazon in up to one ore two weeks there. That couldnt be so difficult isnt it?

So how does it differ from the final carrier aspect provided by DHL or UPS?

Didn’t see anything in the video about order fulfillment from a range of SKUs before final packaging nor the export from China and import into various countries which is the main role of 4PX?