Pulled from a Verge Article possible price leak

I just pulled this text from a Verge article that was based on them seeing the Eve @Comptex

“All of this starts at $799 including the keyboard, pen, and a surprisingly nice magnetic sleeve case. The Surface Pro also starts at $799, but that’s for a model with half the RAM (just 4GB) and without a bundled keyboard or pen. On paper, the Eve V looks like a very well balanced machine for the price”

Can we take this as a trusted price for the release

Already discussed in the other thread. The price is right but the inclusion of the sleeve might not be right


Must have missed that one my bad

It is also on the official eve webpage :wink:

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To give fully official information: The pricing given to the Verge was completly right, however the sleeve is not included in the 799$ pricetag. :slight_smile: