PS5 VRR and the blackscreens

I will try to re-install the firmware.
Every night I have been turning off the power to all my electronics for quite a few weeks.
I think the LED was white.

I re-installed firmware a few days ago, it took a couple of attempts (normally no issue)
I used the screen last night for several hours (HDMI1 PS5), then turned it off for maybe an hour. Came back to use it (PS5 again) and got no response, no LED no backlight.
Fully Powered off several times before it came back.

So the monitor came back? Did the firmware update successfully?

Firmware failed twice but was third time lucky. Previously never struggled.
All fine last night. If nothing has changed it will probably be a few weeks before it goes again.

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Unresponsive monitor again Just the EVE logo on and a white LED
Full power cycle and back working
Roughly 3 weeks since the last time.

Hey @Anubis

Can you provide me to following information in a DM so we can further look into your issue and try to replicate this…

We should be able to provide a better solution/explanation from there!

I have many issues related to my 4k 144hz at the moment on PS5.
When playing games like warzone or similar I often get black screen when I enter menu or going back and forth in in-game options. The screen goes black for 1-2 seconds, but sometimes it stays black. When I push the PS5 button on the controller it brings up the PS5 quick menu and then the screen goes back to normal. Then I also see the content in-game as it turned black. This is replicable.

Another issue is the input selection on the monitor. It often does not show any inputs other than USB-C, USB-B and Select automatically. I cant find DP, HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

I have tried switching between HDMI 1 to HDMI 2, tried 60hz vs 120hz, 1080p vs 4k etc.

Often when I turn on PS5 the screen just stays black. It does not show “no input”, just black screen. To get the screen working it is usually 5-10 minutes with fiddeling the HDMI input, on/off PS5, on/off monitor, unplug power supply etc. I do not know what fixes the issue, but after some time it just workes.

Model: ES07D03
Firmware: 106

Hey @fredriksl

Can you trying updating to the most recent firmware v107, and see if that assists with your blanking issue? If you are still experiencing blanking you can also try turning off VRR

Hi Aethel,

I do only have Mac OS available. Me and the rest of the family only uses mac. Any updates on mac support?

Alright, I see what you mean. Currently, it is not officially supported though our firmware team is still working on making that happen in a future update! Though some users have been able to update the firmware using parallels, see this post here for more information, though if you do not feel comfortable doing so I would recommend not doing it as you would need to proceed at your own risk.

Can you try disabling VRR? 107 adds support with the PS5 though, if you can not update at the moment then this could potentially help!

That is a bummer for sure

The issue related to black screen in in-game menus disappears when I disable VRR functionality on PS5. But at a 1000$ monitor I would prefer that I could use VRR.

I really want to be able to update the monitor to get all the bugs out of the way.

But the issue related to input selection only showing “Automatic selection”, USB-C and USB-B is not solved. Is there a topic with a solution for that somewhere?

Occasionally the screen also go black when I am connected to a M1 Macbook Pro with USB-C. This is not related to VRR, and that could be something else?

Yes, I understand what you mean. 107 does add VRR support with the PS5, so if you do ever have a chance to update I would do so, we are still looking to incorporate compatibility with mac in the future for updates.

Is that for the Input source or the USB hub source? Can you provide a photo of your OSD on that page?

Starting from firmware v106, the actions on the control stick changed.

Firmware version Stick up Stick down
Before v106 Change video input Change video input
v106 or later Change USB input Change video input

If you’re seeing Automatic selectionUSB-CUSB-B then it means you’re pressing up on the stick and cycling between USB inputs. You need to press down on the stick instead, which will change between video inputs.

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That is very useful information! I thought you could go up and down in that menu as I could previously.

Then it’s related to “Change USB input” as I was pushing the stick up. Thank you!

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