PS5 VRR and ES07D03

When Sony finally implement VRR on the PS5 will it be compatable.
I am aware of GSYNC and FREESYNC but sony are using HDMI2.1 VRR
I know the ES07D03 is HDMI2.1 but will it work?( I do not know what the differences involve, is it marketing rubbish?) and if not is it something that can be changed in a firmware update or is it hardware limited?

Hi @Anubis,

In a nutshell, G-Sync is an adaptive synchronisation technology developed by NVIDIA, and FreeSync is a similar technology standard developed by AMD.

The Spectrum is NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible certified and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certified.

In theory, PS5’s VRR should work with Spectrum. Spectrum supports HDMI 2.1 and VRR is part of HDMI 2.1’s standard. I don’t see any other additional specifications required by PS5 to have this feature enabled.

Has PS5 VRR update been released? Last time I checked (March) it was still in the works.

PS5 VRR is not available yet although it has been in testing since Feb from what I can find.
Looks like the Spectrum should be OK, Sony appear to be only allowing VRR over HDMI2.1 which is a bit poor but probably so that it runs with HDR and 4K on the few TV’s and monitors out there which support it.
They really are ignoring the majority of users with older TV’s and 60Hz monitors if the final release is only HDMI2.1.