PS5 "No Signal" Issue

Don’t know if anybody has encountered this yet, but after turning my PS5 on from Rest Mode this morning my Spectrum display kept displaying the “No Signal” message, would turn black, flash briefly like it was trying to reacquire a signal, then show “No Signal” again. I tried changing HDMI ports, unplugging and replugging the HDMI from the PS5, unplugging the power from the monitor…everything.

After tinkering around a bit I went into the settings of the PS5, which I was able to see and navigate by opening Streamlabs OBS on my PC (which my PS5 is connected to by way of capture card) and I turned OFF HDR. The monitor immediately showed the picture on screen. When I went and turned HDR back on the screen started giving the same issue(s) again. Not sure if it’s something to do with the newest firmware update (which I did about 4 days ago) or something else but this was weird as the monitor was working completely fine the whole time until this morning.

Anybody else run into this problem or similar?


Hey, @SocaWarrior13!

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll try to replicate it on our end, paying particular attention to observe the behavior difference of automatic and off HDR settings of PS5 on ES07D03 when waking up from rest mode.


Important clarification: Is your Spectrum connected to the PS5 directly? Or is it going through the Streamlabs OBS capture card first?

Had the same issue with my XBOX SX. It WILL NOT work using a capture card, just an FYI and I hope Eve addresses this. BUT This is day two and mine stopped working connecting directly with the XBOX. Not sure what happened between yesterday and today…

My ps5 is connected directly to monitor and it takes forever to switch between inputs.

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I use the Astro Mixamp Pro and an HDMI passthrough to get optical audio on the PS5. I had to disable HDMI 2.1 in order for this to work properly. As a result it disables HDR on the PS5 but I get the specific audio output that I am looking for… tradeoff I guess.

This pretty much seems like you are a using the wrong cable.

This is in the wrong topic, some extra info’s would be nice & The second part isn’t exactly helpful if this monitor works literally with anybody else…