PS5 / Audio / Streaming / Astro A50 / Elgato HD60 S+

Good morning dear community,

I received my eve Spectrum last week and am reasonably satisfied so far. However, I have a problem with the audio output.
I stream on Twitch and have the following setup, which is between the PS5 and the monitor.

Playstation 5
Astro adapter for Astro A50
Elgato HD60 S +

To get the sound in the stream, I have to switch the “Output device” from “Headset” to “HDMI device” in the “Audio output” on the console.

As soon as I have changed this, everything works fine until I start a game (for example, Warzone). Then the sound switches off completely and nothing can be heard anymore.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

I have already set the screen to “HDMI 2.0” because the capture card does not support HDMI 2.1.

I’m not so tech-savvy now that I know a lot about things like that.

Greetings from Germany


Can you get game audio through the controller when you connect your headset to it? i know on my xbox one controller i can get audio through the controller just by plugging in my headset into the controller. you might have to go into audio settings in ps5 to have audio to go through your controller.

Today I’m going to test whether the controller outputs sound. But only for testing, because I don’t want to have any more cables connected to my controller.

I’ve got the audio right now. but now the next problem.
the screen pauses briefly every few seconds. In the stream you can see everything normally, only the monitor goes out for a short time.

hm. might want to try using a different hdmi cable to see if that help fixes it. also double check graphic card drivers are up to date and windows is up to date as well.

The monitor is not connected to the PC.
Here is my HDMI connection:
PS5 → Astro Adapter → Elgato HD60 S + → Eve Spectrum
The Elgaot is connected to the laptop via USB and the “4K CAPTURE UTILITY” program shows me the picture from the console without dropping out. Only the screen cuts out every few seconds. I have already upgraded the screen to HDMI 2.0.

How do you stream on the spectrum? I have been trying for a long while to connect the stream to the monitor even with hdmi 2.0

I connected everything normally as listed above.
PS5 → Adtro Adapter → Elgato → Eve Spectrum
For me, the bumps have subsided by themselves and everything runs smoothly.
I just left everything connected for a few days and then it worked by itself.