PS5 1440p Not Working

Hello all. My spectrum is on the original firmware it shipped on. Haven’t gone through the trouble of updating it yet.

PS5 firmware update now allows users to play games in 1440p. I understand I have a 4k monitor but am curious about running certain games in 1440p to see if it changes frame rates and overall smoothness. When I select 1440p resolution option in the PS menu, I get a response stating my HDMI connected device does not support 1440p.

Does the Spectrum literally not support 1440p over HDMI 2.1 or is there something I’m doing wrong? While connected to the ps5, I see no option allowing me to manually change the resolution of my monitor, it’s hardstuck on 4k.


I was just going to ask about this!! Hopefully there’s a fix for this.

I hope so. I’m fairly certain this monitor is capable of 1440p as I’ve seen other gamers run it on PC. I’ve done everything I can in tweaking with settings on both ps5 and the spectrum to unlock the 1440p option but I’m out of ideas at this point. I also made a post on Reddit about the issue to between here and reddit hopefully we can get an answer soon!

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I have used the monitor in 1440p before, so I know it can do it. You can’t change the resolution directly from the monitor though, it has to be done on the source device(MacOS does the same thing). Updating the firmware is something you should probably do regardless, but if you don’t want to maybe try changing the scaling option? The pixel perfect option and 1:1 option might be causing problems.

I don’t think anyone has asked the team to have selectable resolution options in the OSD. Maybe if you ask them they will add it in a future update.

How would I change the scaling option? I dont recall seeing anything like that in the OSD menu.

Hey @GamerGuy444 I do recommend updating your Spectrum to the .most recent firmware (v107 for the matte 4K & v100 for the glossy 4K)

As @MemeScreen said this is not in the OSD, as it will have to be done through the source device. Though I will inform the team of this suggestion to look into!

@GamerGuy444 & @Glassguy
Just to be clear - there’s no benefit in running the PS5 in 1440p mode and you will lose VRR compatibility.
All games handle the resolution and way over 90% use dynamic resolution - The PS5 only handles the output.
1440p setting on PS5 will not result in better framerates.

VRR is king, so update your monitors.


Hey. Just updated to 107 and now if you want to you can now choose 1440p



On that video, around 1:11, where Spiderman is on the very stop of the building, the image on the right, using VRR seems to be jumping and not as stable as the left one. I set the Youtube mode to 1440 60fps but I can still see this.

Do you or anyone else see the same?


Yes and there’s a perfectly good reason for that. The game is running at above 60fps (~70-110fps) but youtube can only show 60fps and that results in frameskips. I have Spiderman on PS5 and playing it with VRR feels like playing on a beefy PC.

VRR is also great at reducing input latency, so it’s really really stupid not to use it if you’ve got the hardware for it.

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Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: can’t believe I missed that… D’oh!!!


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