Provide a aftersale forum please

Alot of people are trying to get a eve V if not for the cheaper price then for the spot in the line. Heck even myself i wanna get my hands on the i5 version so il get it before my summer holidays. But since Eve stopped providing order swapping, people can still sell their place in line. Also when they are arriving they maybe want to sell them as well for some profit.
So maybe its good we have a small aftermarket subforum where you can put a sticky topic about it being unofficial and advise people not to get scammed.

Swaps were closed because shipping addresses had to be locked in. Nothing has changed, sothwy’ll remain closed. You’re talking about selling “place in line”, which is exactly what was happening in the swaps thread… But that is impossible at this point. There is not much time left until the web store is open :slight_smile:

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It is still cheaper and probaly quite a bit faster to get the V through people who want to sell their backer reward.

As I said, shipping addresses are locked in, so your only two options are:

  • wait until the web store is open
  • buy it from someone privately, without Eve’s interaction. They (the buyer) receive their order, you pay them money and they send it to you. But you basically pay for 2x shipping and 2x import duties that way (unless you’re both in the EU or in the same country)
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Thats still enough reason for people to sell their spot. It means you get it faster and cheaper stll.

You can sell your device if you want. I already explained why you can’t sell your “spot”. And Eve will not support this officially for obvious reasons… They can’t control it.

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What i meant is that people in indiegogo get their units far before people who order online get their units.

Yes, that is true, but I wouldn’t even ask Eve to open a forum for selling devices, because they have absolutely no control on it, and people could start blaming Eve when they don’t receive their tablet from someone who sold it…


For after sale you have websites such as eBay. Eve is the manufacturer, topics beyond that is not in their primary interest and ties up valuable resources that could be used for the development of the next device or for e.g. handling of communication / warranty.