Proposing new case for the Eve V

Hello Eve!

I know that you have already decided what the new V sleeve case for the Eve V will look like, but please can we have a third case option that isn’t a sleeve? I was thinking along the lines of something that would look like this…

This case would flip open and it would be secured with a strong magnetic buckle.
This case would also be compatible with the Eve keyboard when its closed.
I also think it should have pockets like the V protective sleeves.

I hope you consider!


There might be more accessories at some point, but those are still in the future and planning hasn’t been really started.


That case looks damn stylish :muscle:


It’s also mozo ( doing the covers at this point and not eve :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info!

You´ll also be happy to know that quite a few people have requested folio case options in the past, so I’m sure the team/mozo is aware of this and will look into it!

This is a great idea that would be welcomed by many.
It has been discussed in this thread before.

Thanks for the link!

To use Eve as a tablet now I feel the need of those cover-designs used in iPads . It is pleasure to twist the case to triangle-shape in order to have a proper grip of tablet instead of a flat surface. It should be an accessory.

I guess if SP has same measurements as Eve, this case will be compatible

@Dario you should look in to this discussion too!

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there is a thread somewhere where we discussed a lot about a folio type case. (especially ways to avoid throttling)

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For sure! Thanks :slight_smile:

this one comes to mind spontaneously :slight_smile:

I think, that there was another older one, though.