Proposing a new category

I know I might be jumping the gun a little here as backers do not yet have V’s, but I had an idea to create a new sub category for the Forum. Something along the lines of “Show Off Your V”. We’ve had a great community process to get the devices developed, we should have a place where people can be proud of the results.

Users could show off docking solutions, how they customized their V with stickers, places they’ve taken there V, things they’ve built with it, etc.

I’ll ping @ikirin @helios and @nawthor to see what they think, but to the community I ask:

  1. Is this something you would like to see?
  2. What parent category would you place this under (I would probaly say community but what do you think)?
  3. What would we name it?

P.S. I know many have doubts about the shipping timeline of when we will actually get the devices. While I think those concerns are valid, I believe we have separate threads that are better suited to such speculation, so let’s not do it here.


I think this is a really cool idea. The parent category should be community (as it’s community delivered content).
I would name it just as you did: “Show Off Your V” - or “V Showroom” (but I think the first one is better).


Why dont you have a thread where people can show-off their Vs? Unless people want to start telling how they did custom parts to match :slight_smile:

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Yes, we don’t really need n+1 threads to show everyones V. So one thread should be enough

I’d say that a topic in #community:tech-talk or a to-be-announced post-launch V category should suffice for people to show off how they’ve customised or use their V. If someone has done a particularly elaborate mod, they can always create a topic for that. Don’t worry, the team will be asking for plenty of feedback from the users, and we’re looking forward to shining a spotlight on all the awesome ways V makes people’s lives more awesome.

So we probably won’t implement a whole new category for it, but we definitely want to see people show off their V. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi @Skimaster,
it`s a great idea to have a "Show off " place or something like a post release category.
I personal hope for a place were all technical solution are bundled.
Config solutions, software and especial working periphery like docking
So I prefer to split it in a nice to have entertaining part with custom design and pics of “my live with V” and a more practical part