Proposal for a new accessory : webcam cover


I would like to propose a new accessory that could be sold on Eve webshop : a webcam cover.
Why ? Because during the last few months I have seen more and more people concerned about security, which is good, and this includes protecting their privacy.
One of the protection people are using is blocking the webcam lens but they do that with stickers, post-it etc…

Would you be interested if Eve was offering a webcam cover solution ?

Let’s not reinvent the wheel, specialized companies are already offering this solution but some offers customized covers.
Please take a look at, for example, a company like to see all the possibilities.
So I am talking here about a custom cover with Eve logo on it, the inverted pyramid, and maybe, if enough people are interest, the pyramid could be in different colours (the same colours as the backlight colours of the keyboard)

What do you think ?

  • Yes, I am interested
  • No, I am not interested

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Thanks for your answer.

for me it’s called ducktape :d


How many feathers are you using ?
I usually do at least 4.

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allow me to propose the following:


this is not funny k. too close to home.

this could have saved our indicator light.


Don’t think its worth selling for EVE, just go buy one from the many companies that already offer them.

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I simply use a Post-It… Thin and easy to replace/use… :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I use a plaster for it… So that the camera is covered but not getting dirty or scratched…
And you can also choose between different designs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personally, I’m more concerned about the microphone than the camera, as the contents of what I say is much more worrying than what I look like at the moment. There are four distinct computing items on my table that have microphones and that could hear me, and me not notice it. I am not particularly fussed about webcam covers until that is solved.

Got one of the small metal covers for my V, works fine: