Project: V | The Aesthetics Of Protection


Hello, hello, community!

When I joined the community, I was impressed with the breadth of offerings by Eve. Now, having joined the team, I find I have a lot more input on various aspects of the products we offer, and am able to bring your opinions directly to the team. Some of the things I now participate in include discussing beautiful concepts with @Joni, brainstorming on the visually stunning footage with Grant (@Lore_Wonder), and helping to get your questions answered with Rob (@Helios), along with, of course, bringing you more V topics.

So, sit back, relax, and stay a while as we present some of the beautiful imagery that we are exploring for the V packaging.

The chosen imagery

Following the success of our pilot production run, we have shifted our focus to the complete V product from now until mass production, involving packaging, quick start guide, charger, cable, as well as stock wallpapers. With our Spectrum packaging, we set a high bar to meet for the V, particularly when it comes to the aesthetics. This time, we are experimenting with a new approach to better showcase the V tablet on the packaging.

package screenshot 3
The front image, the V with a beautiful wallpaper and its brand new symbol. Note that the image has been carefully tailored to be lifesize.

The image for the back. Its purpose is to portray lifelike views of the front and back of the V.

The variant

package concept (1)
An alternate image for the box front. We opted to not use this image because, at first glance, it made the box look more like an envelope. We then experimented with moving the image off center, but that introduced its own insurmountable challenge: we would be unable to discover the optimal placement within an acceptable timeframe.

So, there you have it. Stay tuned for our next topic where we make sure that the factory prints are accurate and crisp.

Have a great weekend!



The purple background is beautiful! And the new V symbol looks great!


I can’t wait to see a real picture of the final box. I’m sure it will look great!

Making it Lifesize is a brilliant idea.

Good job!


Hmmm, for sure this pictures are nice, but isn’t it a bit over the top to announce two pictures with “the aesthetics of protection”?
Gladly you didn’t choose the variant. The EVE V letters are way to bold to be aesthtic…
To reach the packaging of the old V (which was made with or for the european taste) this is not enough. But i’m sure the chinese clients will love this…


Beautiful and powerful imagery…

I had to revisit and add to my original comment how perfectly this graphic is realized. It captures the sense of speed, power, and beauty. It subliminally creates the feeling that I want when I think of the V.


Personally not a fan of the image on screen but that’s just me (I wouldn’t change it as I’m not a good market representation). I liked the red better. The V in the center I agree looks good.
For the back image I think it would be best to go with a lighter grey background. The black really hides the V in it. If it is supposed to be highlighting its appearance I don’t believe this gets that message across.
I also agree life sized is a good idea.


Not triangle but open V?


Exactly. This is the first time we have used the brand new V symbol to show off the V 2021 on its packaging. We are looking into the possibility of incorporating it in our product communication, such as that of our website.

How does the updated rear imagery looking on the topic? When we composed the topic, there was difficulty in extracting this image from its PDF and still keep the transparent layer. Now instead, we approached from a PSD file, thus corrected its color properties.

Is it the Eve red logo in the center of an almost black screen? The team ultimately agreed that wallpaper would show the V off better.

When we brainstormed this title, we wanted something punchy and in line with our previous box topic title Evolution Of Protection. That’s why we settled on The Aesthetics Of Protection. After all, we have the header The chosen imagery and The variant in place to describe the exact nature of this topic.

On the V 2017 box, we only had our triangle logo on the front, and it’s the only imagery on the outside. Are you referring to this aspect of the packaging?



I know… These boxes are still standing in my office. They are so subtile and well designed that I can’t throw them away. But don’t take my critics too serious. I can understand the reasons to have a picture of the device on the box to show whats inside. But in the subtile way and design of the old box maybe a grey CAD-drawing of the device would be enough…

…and I hate purple. It’s the colour of 50year old frustrated ladys… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just out of curiosity,
Triangle V or resistant V is very familiar to me as it is since 2016? 2017?, and I everyday see it on my 2 screens. People of the community may still have working eve keyboard with ▽ in various languages, and the keyboard attached with V2021 again has ▽, which is not consistent with the open V of the new symbol, right? Triangle V with plane background is on the beautiful box for V2017, as Lore_Wonder shows above. We really were excited when we had it in our hand after a long, long waiting.
Resistant V nicely represent the concept of V, at least that of V2017, and now, it must symbolize the success of V2017. It appears like coming out of a movie or a TV program, but we love it as we participated in, and many arranged wallpapers has been shared in the community (which did not always include triangle but simple V).
In the new V symbol, round angle at inner bottom, sharp at outer, is really rare and it looks unusual to me. (If you go googling the images up, I suggest “V logo” or “V letter”, not simply “V”.)
The background image looks like a rejected ad plan for the tablet of Axxxe or a smartphone of Sxxxxxg or minor companies to me, though it must have been well considered and designed.
It may take a while for me to be used to the new one…Please do not worry, I would not cancel my order for V2021 for this. If I do not like it, it will be simply replaced with the old one.
I would like to know how the design is decided or hear something like “plane V represents the simplest computer without bloatware” or “gradation behind the V includes Intel corporate colors”, which makes me like it. darkrealms, you are not the only one.


Of my two displays the background is still too dark on one and is clear on the other. Unfortunately peoples impression will be based on what they see on screen unless they are looking at a box in the store.

I will admit I do like the background of the original V. I don’t think that format is necessarily appropriate for what is being looked at this time around. I feel a clean professional look is what should be goal here (I have clarification in my other posts).


I agree with this as well. Just having the V/▽ on the front does feel clean and professional. Keeping the images on the back while the sides, top, and front all portray the profession look I like the best. The bottom would have detail information about the product (specs, barcode, etc), thus making it still retailable.


You bring up really good points about the architecture of the “V” itself. I had not gone into that depth with what I was thinking. I was merely considering the placement of it on the screen. The “V” the did choose is odd and I agree that it does not fit the history/marketing thus far with the EVE V concept. @woku’s comments should be listened to here as I feel he has a good grasp of what he is talking about.
I had also not placed my dislike of the image on screen but this is also how I feel about it.