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Hello, hello, community!

I’m baaaaaaccckkk! This time we’re going to show you a video montage of the QC process. This is being conducted by a third party testing company whom we have contracted with.

So, sit back, relax, and stay awhile as we visit the QA process for the V.

Testing? Briliante!

Prior to shipping out the Vs, we’ve inked a deal with testing company Brilliante to conduct a barrage of QC tests on each and every one in order to make sure that the V meets our stringent expectations. Our project manager Kira (@Kira) took a trip to the manufacturing facility to capture this excellent footage, highlighting numerous tests that they are performing on every single V to assure that they are all in working order.

There you go! a closer look at how your Vs are being tested before we commence shipping them to you. Many thanks to Brilliante for being so accommodating to us because of circumstances beyond or control and allowing us to capture the footage. Of course, the next order of business is to get these Vs packaged and ready for shipping, so stay tuned for more content soon!

Until next time - stay safe!



I hope your staff are staying healthy with the COVID outbreak in China and all your Ukrainian staff are safe as possible. Thanks for pushing through these challenges to bring the Eve V to life!


Can you provide a estimate timeline again. From what I am reading, shipping has not occur yet which i am estimating that we wont get these unit till close to mid or end of April.

Is that assumption correct? I was thinking you would have shipped by now or would be starting to ship now. If they are being shipped now, when can we get a tracking number?

A anxious and worried backer.


Perfect timing, beautiful to see!


You said in this post

That the eves where starting to get packed on the 10th of march, which is 14 days ago.
How does this video and post fit into the timeframe?

Thanks for showing the video of the thorough testing Prozess going into each individual product.


Allof our staff in Ukraine are now accounted for and have achieved (relative) safety in other parts of Ukraine, and all of our associates in China are also accounted for and have managed to deal with the lockdowns and some disruption. Thank you for asking!

The original timeline was to get them out now, but thanks to this set of testing, we had to delay the boxing up - the units that are free from defects are now cleared to get boxed starting Monday. I’ll know more in the coming day what to expect, as staff plans to be on-hand to capture actual packing footage, too, which is what next week’s topic should be about.

Yup. This thing with Brilliante is new, and rather last minute - but we had no choice. Suffice it to say that either we do this, or some people were going to be very unhappy with their devices once they received them. The majority are now cleared through the process, having passed fully all of those tests by Brilliante, and as I noted above, next week are to be packed for shipping - and we’ll have someone on hand to document that process.


Thanks for finally giving us an honest answer in a timely manner, although the info about a further delay should have come way earlier. More posts like this and many people would be less frustrated.
Also glad to hear that everyone is safe and healthy.


I’m happy to hear you’ve added a layer of post-manufacture QC. Hopefully, this reduces the overall rate of faulty shipped units. The last thing we’ll want is those units to be DOA after so many delays.


I’m actively pushing for more clarity and more transparency here. And I’m not the only one - we all want to be able to say “XYZ” and have XYZ be right - or if it is wrong, only because we finished early. But this thing with Brilliante was literally done earlier this month - otherwise we’d have been on (the latest updated) schedule. And people may have received devices that had a defect of some type. That would have been much more damaging in our eyes than a delay.

Luckily it is a short delay, as packaging is supposed to start Monday, and one of us is going to be there to document it (and, if you ask me, to make sure it actually happens). I haven’t checked flights to China lately, as I’m based in the US, so it won’t be me, but one of use is going to be there, making sure.

Yeah, it was … necessary. And we felt the exact same way - both for your sake and for ours, of course.


I did two purchases of electric devices last year. The eve V 2021 and a VW ID 4 GTX. None of them is actually in my hands even though both were promised to be delivered in 2021… I’m really curious which one of those two will come first…

Hurry up eve and you can beat one of the biggest brands in the world…


Well at this point they stand to beat my Vector 2.0 pre-order. They got hit with manufacturing delays and even a component QC problem. Just recently they announced that the lockdown due to COVID kept them from starting production.


I appreciate the additional QC. If that sets it back less than a month, it is worth it rather than getting the product and it fails.


I’ve got frustrated a little because there was no update on the v2021 project even it should have been sent already, but i understand that you didn’t want to say anything unless you had a clear statement on further processes. I appreciate all your comments and i hope that all the early birds get there devices soon.


We’re doing our best, believe me.

A lot of manufacturing is all of a sudden hit by those lockdowns. I read an article where General Motors, here in the US, is also affected by them…

That was our take on it as well - I know that it is not ideal, but when we detected an issue, we sprang into action to rectify it - and we really had no choice. After everything else that has happened, this would not have been a good look at all, for the product and for us.

Totally understand. We’re working on that now as we speak. And yeah, that was the crux of the matter. Without understanding the issue and taking steps to rectify it, it would simply have been a “We have an issue, we’re working on it” post. We felt that that would only have made things worse, and delay us from finding the solution in the first place. So, we did what we have to do to identify issues and verify through extensive QC testing which devices were and were not affected, so the unaffected devices could proceed to packaging.


So did this happen and did you document it?

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Yes, it happened. We have the footage. We plan to share it in a new topic soon.

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Packaging should be started on Monday. More information should follow later this week.
Another working week is over, it’s early April and what have we got: NOTHING


Are our V’s getting boxed and shipped?


With this late in the stage, we should be getting weekly updates and a estimated timeline should already be devloped for shipping. This should be project management 101 to have all this ready. Like how many should be shipped this week, vs how many has shipped.

At least this will give us, the backer confidence that the item will be shipped than us scavenging for information.

I know there has been problems at all stages, and that should have been planned out to limit the impact. Best thing is to over estimate the timeframe and shorten it if it is quicker than lengthening it if there is an issue as there are always issues. I learn that when working on project to start with a long timeline but notify that the timeline can be change or shorten if things are going well.

I hope that more data and more information is being release shortly as it is April and the March shipping dealine has already gone. I hope my earlier predictions of shipping by mid April do hold up but if it does not, then i will have to rethink my order as newer computers are being release around this time from other companies.


Another week.
What’s happening? When are our machines getting shipped?

This company is like trying to get blood from a stone!

How do you expect to be successful if you treat early backers (the ones who financed your company) like this?