Project: V | Progress Report


Hey, community!

Here is our latest progress on Project: V in the past two weeks.



We’ve got a digital print sample for our keyboard packaging! This sample run aims to improve the artwork, inspect printing quality, and review the structure. We opted to display the keyboard in life-size on the front of the box, in line with our tablet packaging. Therefore, we must match the printed artwork to the physical keyboard for a realistic representation. We paid particular attention to comparing textures, tint, edges, and brightness between the two and will implement our findings during the packaging calibration in the factory.



The improved artwork we introduced in the last topic worked out brilliantly in the latest digital print. We cannot wait to share with you the look of final boxes when they are mass-produced. UV, a method of using ultra-violet lights to dry special ink, will be applied to give them a notable contrast boost.


Not to be outdone, the regulatory icons on the back are also razor sharp!


Pen loop

We traveled to the factory to lock in the improvements following our last review of a pen loop sample built from the keyboard fabric. The final pen loop is expected to have its fabric direction matched with our keyboard, a centered loop, higher quality stitching, and a tab size reduction to 3 × 3 cm (with the loop length decreased to 1.5 cm).

Laser etching

We’ve confirmed the aesthetics of etching on both sides of the kickstand after moving to use a more precise laser machine in the factory. The golden sample that came out of it was sharp, even, and with a brightness subtle but can be easily found.

Confirmed laser etching color

Last but not least, while the entire V package is taken care of, we ironed out firmware misbehavior that may produce a black screen when setting up Windows for the first time.

Moving forward, we will continue to finalize Project: V and keep a close eye on its timeline. Stay tuned!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!



That looks nice but has Eve completed all the requirements to obtain the CE marking for the 2021 V?

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The waiting has passed intolerable and moved into numbness.


I am happy when I get that thing somehow. Now that I payed for it. I hope, that I can get it before I buy my cristmas tree ^^’


Hello. I have been waiting 3.5 years for EVE V to reimburse me the money I paid for my EVE V or send me the product. 3.5 years! Most of my messages go answered, and when I am answered I get strung along even more. Please provide me with answers. As I have stated many times, you have my money and while it may not mean much to you, it is a lot of money to me. I will not “write off” this issue. Please do the right thing and help resolve this for me. Thank you.

Ivan Henwood


Oh, kbd2021 is boxed! The box looks nice 2 me. V team also consider the compatibility btwn kbd 2017 and 2021 to V2017 and 2021 as in the other topic. It is another good news. Though the size is different btwn 2017 and 2021, it is much better than buying another V kbd, which costed me a certain. It sounds the difference is guide pins. Is it smth like the guide pins should be moved, shorten or down when pushed, and be back to the length by a coil spring inside when released?
Or, V should have guide pins inside, which is pulled out by magnet in kbd?
It is really exciting to me to see/hear the progress. Thank you (again) Lore_Wonder and other V team members.
Nice weekend to all.


Hey Ivan,

I am having the same problem. The communication strategy from this company in regard to issues is terrible. Every time there is a new excuse, and they mention a new date when there will be a refund or a shipped product.
It would be awesome if this concern would be more addressed in public and if there would be an official statement from the Company.

Best regards


Hi Phil,

It is correct that the V (2021) meets the requirements of the CE marking.


There are many of us. I’ve submitted the support ticket multiple times.
I’m still trying to communicate with them directly on this but without much success.
I’ve recommended people purchase it when available to ship in the store. At least they listened and only made the preorders $100 this time for products and not the entire price.
I’m still hopeful they will do the right thing.

Please see the below quote from the previous post about the front of the box packaging on the V box.

They keyboard box does look nice and clean.

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Hey, Woku,

I’m sorry to bring some sad news on this front, but we performed some testing for the fit between the 1st gen V keyboard and the V (2021). The guide notch on the V (2021) is both too wide and too long, and there are no matching magnets between the V (2021) and the 1st gen V keyboard. What this results in is that there is no easy way to make the pogo pins from the 1st gen V keyboard stay attached to the V (2021).

It was a good thought, though.

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I have three 1st gen ▽ keyboards, all of which have become useless for various reasons - pins lost or broken, cables inside broken and thus unable to connect or be charged. If at least there had been a way to charge the internal battery, I could have kept on using the keyboard via bluetooth. To compensate for the loss of the original keyboard(s) I’m currently using a Brydge keyboard, as well as a full size bluetooth keyboard and mouse along with other peripherals as my desktop solution when I’m at home.

I would be very interested in finding a way to connect a 2nd gen keyboard to my 1st gen ▽, which is still working without fail and going strong after more than 3½ years as my daily driver - minus the notorious finger print scanner of course…