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Hello, hello, community!

I’m back with another behind-the-scenes look! Following up on last week’s topic, I’m here to bring you some video content on the V 2021 assembly and testing as performed in factory. Check out the montage we have for you below! Be sure to watch to the end, as you’ll get a live glimpse as to why our products are fully QA tested.

So, sit back, relax, and stay awhile, as you take a look at your V 2021 being assembled and tested.

And there you have it! Did you see that very last image at the very end of the video? That unit exhibited two faults, in speaker and sensor light - if these tests were not performed, someone could have gotten that unit with those failures active. Not a great position to be in considering we’ve waited so long to get this manufacturing slot. Also, I know some of the more eagle eyed folks may have seen date on the orange tool at the beginning of the video. Yes, our test tooling was fully developed almost a year ago, prior to the first prototypes being developed - so they could be tested, naturally.

So, that’s it. It’s time to start working on next week’s topic, so with this, I bid you adieu and hope that you have a great weekend. Cheers!



So, there’s still no estimate on product shipping dates?


According to our project manager Kira (@Kira), packing on these devices is set to begin today. Therefore, we anticipate receiving information on availability to ship next week.


Cool montage! It is reassuring to know there is quite the thorough testing being done. Can’t wait to have one in hand.

Question, is there any durability testing like fall damage testing being done? Not that I plan on dropping mine ;P. I will be happy to receive a fully functioning Eve, but knowing they could take some small beating would be even more reassuring =).

Anyways keep up the good work!


If you check the last post, you can see the machines used for falling, crushing, overheating, scratching, etc.

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Another week goes by with silence…


How many Vs are shipped?
How many are produced and went throug QC?
How many are left for assembly?



Is someone else as curious as me about the cabled straps around the workers hands? Are they checking their pulses or what? Foreman: I see your pulse gets tired, it’s time for the electro shocks…

I thought it’s to prevent anti static charge.


These are out now.

The machines we’re going to get are 2 years old.


Paying top whack for a mediocre machine. Poor form Eve!


Close, it’s an anti-static wrist strap to prevent the electronic components from being damaged during assembly.


Is there any news on shipping whatsoever?


After so much time, I finally yield.

Below is the email I’ve sent to Eve Devices.

If I am still allowed to post here, I will keep the community updated on the outcome.


Dear Eve Devices,

I supported your project.
I was between the first ones to order. And to pay.
I never complained.

However, according to my initial expectation, you’ve had:

  • Too many excuses and delays.
  • Too little communication.

I do not believe in you anymore. Neither in your ability to deliver what you promised nor do I trust you to assist if needed.

This message is a formal request for you to return my money.

Alberto Melita.


As promised, here are the updates

1st update

After about 2h, I received a message saying that
the order has been canceled, and EVE will refund the money.
This message leaves me hopes for the future.

If I get my money back, I might try my chances again In a couple of months.


2nd update

It seems like there was a mistake.
I am confident that EVE will fix this mistake soon.
I will give another update once I have news.


3rd update

I’ve received a new message fixing the mistake.
EVE should refund my order in 2-4 business days.
I’m honestly impressed by the communication speed of the customer care department.


LAST Update!

I was wrong in being anxious. I’ve got all my money back, down to the last cent!

Being an early backer is just not good for my heart!
I’ll buy an EVE once it is released and widely available.

See you later, EVE! :hugs:


I received an email from another product I pre-ordered (Vector 2.0) that mentioned China is imposing a strong COVID mitigation lockdown which has impacted their production efforts.

Any chance this is the reason things are quiet on the Eve V front?

Where are we at?

We were supposed to have our machines by now.


Surface Pro 8 with Intel EVO is selling in Melbourne at Harvey Norman for a mere $1300

Why are we buying a V2? How much did we pay?

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This one?

Yes, and you can get the same spec Surface Pro 8 in Europe for €899 incl VAT and delivery (and the SSD can be upgraded easily), arriving next working day.

Surface Pro 8 vs Eve V2 2021:

Eve v2 advantages: higher-res screen, marginally larger screen, 3rd USB-C port and microSD slot, fingerprint reader.

Surface pro advantages: 3:2 120Hz screen, slightly lighter, smaller bezels, better cameras, larger battery and much better battery life, available immediately, local keyboard, better support, upgradable SSD, probably better speakers (if V1 is anything to go by). Also the v1 had lots of little hardware issues (similar to what the spectrum has now) which were never fixed - the v2 might have similar issues.

Quick Eve V 2022 vs Surface Pro 8 comparison:

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

13" 2880 x 1920 (167 ppi) 3:2 display with 120hz refresh rate
Windows 11
11th gen Intel Core i5 1135G7 cpu w/Intel Xe graphics,
Wifi 6
BT 5.1
2 USB C TB4 ports
3.5mm Jack
surface connect port
2W stereo speakers
5MP HD webcam with Window Hello and 10MP 4K rear camera
51.5 Wh battery
4096 pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition Wacom AES 2.0
keyboard and pen not included


Eve V 2022

13.4" 3840 x 2400 4K UHD+display
Window 10 Pro
11th gen Intel Core i5 1135G7 w/ Intel Xe graphics
Wifi 6
BT 5.0
2xTB4 ports
1x USB C port
3.5mm Jack
Micro SD card reader
LTE card slot (only on select models)
2x 0.7w high frequency speakers
2x 1w low frequency speakers
Windows Hello fingerprint reader
720p webcam with Windows Hello
5MP rear camera
41.3 Wh battery
4096 pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition Wacom
AES 2.0
keyboard and pen not included