Project: V | Loops, Finishes, And Cables, Oh My!


Hello, hello, community!

I’m back with another look at some new developments for the in-box accessories for the V 2021! We’ve previously given you some insights on packaging, the V prototypes, and some of the basics for the accessories. Now, we’ve got new info on a couple of items for the V: the pen loop that can be affixed to the keyboard, as well as the charger and cable.

So, sit back, relax, and stay a while, as I take you down yet another trip behind-the-scenes on these specific accessories.

Pen loop

For the pen loop, we received several samples that were of various sizes and shapes to test with a V keyboard. The pen loop is affixed to a ‘tab’ that has 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which can be attached to the keyboard, or any other place you choose. By using different sizes, we were able to test the adhesiveness to ensure that, once stuck to the keyboard fabric, it would not easily detach. Our tests with the samples showed that the larger the adhesive pad, the better affixed to the keyboard surface. One test we specifically performed was lifting the keyboard by the loop, and the largest size did the trick, staying attached.

Three loops attached to the bottom of the keyboard. In the final product, each tab will be made of the keyboard fabric with a color-matched loop.

Bottom view, showing the loops attached directly to the keyboard fabric. Black is 2 x 4 cm (rectangular), brown is 4 x 4 cm (square), and cream is 2 x 2 cm (which we cut ourselves for testing).

A green loop, which we cut to fit on top of the keyboard.

Note that each loop will come unattached, allowing the user to stick it wherever they choose.



Another thing we took a closer look at is the charger. The initial finish had an uneven coloring and a rough texture, so we met with the vendor to seek a more premium solution. They suggested an oil treatment, which makes it smoother and matte. This treated surface is more susceptible to fingerprints; nonetheless, it is very easy to clean. Although we love its aesthetics, further testing for fingerprint affinity needs to be done.

Side by side comparison of the old, rough finish, and new, oil-treated finish.


For the cable, we have specific requirements. It needs to support at least 65W charging and a minimum of 5Gbps transfer speed, as well as be around 1.8m in length. The vendor initially provided a bulky design, which had rather large plugs at both ends. We found a better solution with them.

The new cable is more flexible and has smaller plugs.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it - some of the in-box accessories that we’ve tweaked to get ready for mass production. We’ve come a long way from the initial design concepts, and it’s really exciting to see even these little bits and pieces take shape.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep an eye out for more product news as we get ready to start shipping the V 2021.

Have a great weekend!



I am, all of a sudden, feeling everything outside of the V itself is much less “premium” than before. The charger/cable should have a charge indicator light somewhere, anywhere. I previously submitted the Ampere USB-C/USB-C LED cable as an option.

The power “brick” design, where the whole thing sticks out from the wall waiting for a pet, kid or vacuum to knock it out and break the pegs is just annoying.

The “loop”, ugh, it sucks, no matter which color you choose… I have a pen loop on my journal, I hate it even though it is necessary to keep a pen within writing distance. You should have had your keyboard designer design internal storage on the keyboard. I mean Samsung does it with the Note devices. Surely, there could have been a more “premium” option than a stick-on loop. Especially since this pen will be flatter than before. I’ve heard good things about the Wacom pens, but it remains to be seen how comfortable the pen is to use for any period of time, or if it is even worth keeping close to the device. I hope it is.

What about a USB-C to USB-A cable, adapter or hub? I brought this up before, but the focus has always been on making the V a premium device, not on making the whole user experience a premium experience. Many of us are power users who use memory sticks and USB devices constantly. Something like this Purgo Mini USB-C Hub would have been nice to add to the kit.

As it stands. I can tell that I will need to be purchasing several things to really make the new V a great day-to-day plus travel companion. First, an extension cord (so I do not have that power brick hanging off the wall waiting to be bumped and broken), a portable Bluetooth keyboard (so I can type without the kickstand digging into my legs, and without my right hand brushing against the trackpad), USB-C cable with charging indicator, USB-C hub of some sort to retain peripheral usage. So $2000 for the V and another $250+ to create my own “premium” experience. Does anyone else have anything they are going to add-on?


Personally I’m not a fan of charging lights on my devices like laptops, tablets, phones etc. When I’m traveling in hotel rooms I hate having little lights all over the room that I find distracting at bedtime and end up throwing clothes over so I don’t have to see them.
As for the hub, I’d rather choose my own that is specific to my needs versus getting one in the box that might just end up in the endless pile of surplus peripherals that accumulates over time.
I guess for myself I’d rather make those choices on my own.


I really hate the brick sticking out of the wall. This was a pain in the ass in the last model and I was hoping this one would not have it.

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It’s funny to read the comments on the charging lights. My wife absolutely hates them and though she also will take a 2 in 1 laptop and smartphone into the hotel room, if the only place to charge them is near the bed she will throw clothes over them just as @kipnead had noted! I can sleep through a hydrogen bomb so they don’t bother me. I do wish the charging cable was 3m instead of 1.8m. I always seem to need that extra length, but not enough to drag out an extension cord. The pen attachment loop is not that great looking, gotta agree with those comments. But I don’t use a pen much due to tremors and shakes (microseizures) so I will most likely will just keep it in my carry bag and take it out when I want it. I like the keyboard look though I know this thread is not on that subject!
Edit: I forgot, I am not a fan of the huge charging brick, but I always carry a multi-plugin with surge protector so it sits on it fine even at home. So, though I think it’s ugly, my existing ones have never been kicked or broken.


Nice Update!
I don’t really like the pen loop because they never secure the pen very well (it wobbles around a bit), it can get cought on things and it sticks out. But that cannot be changed for the V2 anymore, so I’m just writing it for a potential version 3 to keep in mind. There are other great solutions out there nowadays.

I really like the look of the charger. I definitely prefer chargers with that block in the wall over cables that have a similar block somewhere along their length. As one can already see from the other comments here, there are definitely different opinions about that. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Additionally new chargers aren’t very expensive anyways, if someone wants the other version.

I also like the smaller cable plugs, however from the look I would not trust them to last very long. These kinds of plastic plugs often become ugly after a few months of regular use (though they usually still work fine). Metal plugs last longer but can make annoying scratching sound when in contact with other metal parts. So that’s another trade-off.

Either way the coice won’t make everyone happy unless you offer both options which obvioulsy adds cost and complexity to the project.


I’ll definitely need to be using a dock/hub of some sort. I’m fine with keyboards.

I agree on the pen loop and charger. Don’t care much of the light.

The pen loop feels very much of an after thought.

Charger bricks are annoying and hopefully a better placement where it’s not dangling dangerously

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I personally use my own charging brick so that’s not much of a concern.

That’s a really bad design for the pen loop though. :anguished: Surely the team can do better than a 3m adhesive loop for the pen?


The pen loop does seem like an afterthought and leaves much to be desired :expressionless:

I don’t really care about the power brick because I plan to use my own that had multiple USB-C and USB-A ports on it…

It would be fantastic if devices that used lower power USB-C charging like the V came with something like that instead. It would add value for those who don’t already have something they could use to charge both their V and other devices, making the V that much more portable/multifunctional out of the box in a sense.


Thank you for the information of recent progress. We always are happy to hear them.
The pen attached w/ V2017 has a magnet inside, which is a bit weak to hold itself on V.
The loop on the kbd looks a nice solution. I understand that the pen is stable on the side of kbd by the loop, instead of attaching on V by magnet. It is nice again that we can decide where to attach the loop, or going without a loop (or a pen).
Is the loop rubber-like flexible as it looks (I do not know the proper word for that)? I hope it is strong and wide enough to avoid the pen easily rotate around the loop.
Some may like to fix the pen at the clip (if it has, like the pen attached w/ V2017), which also needs thin, strong and wide loop. Some even want it as long as the pen is!?
Thank you for the info for battery and cable, too.
We all are looking forward to both the next information and V2021!


I’m totally onboard with this. My travel life changed significantly when Dell added a small light to the computer end of their Precision power cable. Wandering around airports and hotels, coffee shops became much easier when you could see there was power. I’m ok with a bigger plug but a power indicator is essential!



Though it is too late for this V, if there is another one made, the pen should have a bed somewhere on the keyboard, like at the top. The very same thing or similar to what Microsoft did with their Surface Pro X. Have a nice strong magnet and while its put away, have the ability to charge it. That would be a keyboard that I would buy, even if it’s made later and sold as a separate accessory.


Which of course would say the power brick should be optional and you shouldn’t have to pay for it bundled into the price. ewaste is real. No light indicator shouldn’t mean we all have to go find our own bricks.



Travel is the whole reason that I needed a cable with a charging light. The cables that I received with the first V broke rather quickly during the hustle of travel, and I wouldn’t know until the V died in the middle of several presentations. The light, at the least, tells me that the cable is okay.


From Monday, where’s our Vs?

Tick Tock.

Interesting concepts.

  • I don’t think I would use a pen loop like that. Maybe if there were two of them I would consider it (more stable control of the pen).
  • As others have said I don’t use the charging brick that came with it. I’ve found the best charging unit for me is the It does the job without problems and is a third the size.
  • As far as cables go I also get the 3M/10FT cables. I can always coil them up if I need them shorter but the 1.8M will only work some of the time for being able to use the device and charge it.

I do not use the pen all the time but I do keep it in my “fag bag” (enlisted term for these NCO/Officer map bags).
This fits the EVE V perfectly and the pens fit in the outside pen slot. I put the above charger with a 10ft USB C 3.1 cable and a USB C 10000mAh DP battery pack (will charge the V while off if needed).


Did not order a keyboard so it does not concern me; however,
I would suggest to ask a little less for the keyboard rather than put loops on it because:
the loops wear out pretty fast (the elastic does). I use loops on the V1 so I know what I’m talking about. I rather have customers choose their own loops.


Hi folks!

I just wanted to drop a line here to mention that we’re taking all of these wonderful suggestions to heart. We love that you’re still considering improvements that can be made, both for the current and future products. We also also think that more than a few of the suggestions here are meaningful to bring to the table.

Thanks for the suggestions, and please, keep them coming!

Hey, @SimulatedScience & @woku,

I want you both to know that I’ve submitted 2 questions to the team for further information:

  1. How tight is the elastic loop around the body of the pen, and does it have a propensity to stretch over time?

  2. Has there been any sort of testing performed on the sturdiness of the pen’s clip to see if it can be used to hang from a loop?

As soon as I know anything more, I’ll be sure to post back!


I just wanted to say that, as I’m sure you may be aware of, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has the exact keyboard I am thinking about. The pen embedded up at the top with a magnet of some sort that also acts as a wireless charger for it. I think this would be a great addition that could be introduced later as an accessory to be able to work with old, current and future V laptops.

Also, with Windows 11 coming out, the Surface Pro 8 will have it already installed, will you be able to add that but with the bloatware free version in the future, like you currently are with Windows 10? Also, what is the battery life expected to be?

Keep it up, I would much rather buy from you than anybody else. I am currently using a Surface Pro 4 from 2015 that I desperately need to upgrade. Even with a student discount, Eve V2 is way cheaper. Microsoft is only offering one option for 32GB RAM which is with a 1TB SSD and it is $620 more expensive than what Eve is offering, or $880 more without using the student discount. Unfortunately with financial circumstances as they are, I will have to buy later but I am super excited for those who can buy now!


Hey, @WhiteMamba,

I like the idea of that pen integrated into the keyboard. It does make for a very nice look, and convenience with the charging. I’ll definitely add it to the list of improvements for future products.

As for Windows 11, with the V 2021 anyone will be able to install the upgrade from Windows 10 as soon as they set their V up, and most likely (but cannot be guaranteed) that Windows update will, at the very least, offer users the chance to upgrade automatically after some time period. It will be the regular OS, installed just as the Windows 10 that comes with the V, and not a typical OEM-derived version that will be full of the OEM bloat.

Hey, @SimulatedScience & @woku,

I’ve got some feedback from the team regarding the 2 questions I submitted.

  1. The current loop samples were only tested with a Wacom pen body, not an actual pen, and it was tight to get it into the loop. Once we have the final samples of both the pen and the loop, we will be able to conduct further tests on this.

  2. As far as the pen clip itself, since this is a direct from Wacom product, this is something that they should have tested themselves. I will try to get more information on whether these tests were actually conducted.