Project: V | Keyboard Assembly Line


Beloved community,

To keep our customers in the loop, we continue to bring behind-the-scenes looks of how your devices come to be. This time, it has been a pleasure to film how our Keyboard is put together in Sunrex’s factory. The managers there warmly welcomed me and kindly guided me through every step it took to assemble the Keyboard. After I’m back, my heartfelt impression is their attention to a comfortable and tidy working environment while ensuring an efficient production. Also vitally important, their openness to our crowd-development practice (filming) and care to not only me but their own people.

A visit to Sunrex

As our keyboard manufacturer, Sunrex helps us deliver on the needs of customers without loss of the original intent. From applying the optimal keyboard navigation cluster order to enabling a multi-level halo and legend backlight, solutions we obtained from the concept stage are made a reality.

Spacious, neutral light, and cozy clothing. Sunrex’s attention to detail is profound.

Automated machine heats the glue to the right temperature for maximum adhesiveness and then applies it precisely on programmed paths.

Ten minutes of controlled compression lets the glue cool down and firmly secure the housing.

Backlight is tested in a blackout fixture.

An optical inspection machine alongside a pair of discerning eyes serve to monitor the keycap quality.

Following the pretty pictures, it’s time for some real action! :point_down:

We love collaborating with such a partner on our devices and look forward to our next visit!



I am so grateful of your mention of workers and the work environment. These production videos have illustrated not only the quality and care for the build but the kind of attention and focus the young people must possess. I am impressed and relieved and waiting with bated breath.


These look like they are being well made. Thank you for the update.