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Beloved community,

The first mock-up of the new V arrived at our office! It’s now a physical model that we can hold in our hands and see how it fits the world around it. Although the mock-up is still early in the prototyping stage, we cannot wait to share its awesomeness and our findings with you!

13.4" of perfection

Hold it

“Are you holding a Spectrum in your hand?” A team member joked when seeing our designer holding a ‘massive’ screen in his hand.
“It’s the new V mock-up.” He answered.

The sheer size of the 13.4", 16:10 aspect ratio display is the mock-up’s most eye-catching feature. The screen is coupled with trimmed bezels and edge-to-edge glass to give the mock-up a premium look from the front.

Right ports, right place

Just the right ports

There’s the 3.5mm headphone jack on top, followed by a comfortably sized volume rocker on the left side of the mock-up. The SD card tray (with a spot for a SIM card on LTE models) and a USB Type-C port are on the same side, close to the middle. On the flip side, it has a power button/fingerprint reader on top with a power indicator beside it; two Thunderbolt ports are located slightly below the power button. We were pleased by the exceptionally satisfying tactile feedback the power button and volume rocker provided when we pushed them.

Twelve Type-Cs?

Vent holes

“It has […] USB-C ports on the upper edge…:joy:” One of our senior creators rejoiced. After hearing it, we realized that we need to make those ventilation holes just narrow enough to not allow an end-user plugging in a Type-C connector. Of course, any such adjustment needs to guarantee that the design serves its thermal dissipation focus.

Improvements ahead

Our team thoroughly inspected the first new V mock-up over the past several days. Its primary purpose is to validate the industrial design (ID) as well as check whether color, material, and finish (CMF) are implemented as intended. We presented our feedback to the manufacturer; they replied, detailing how to apply it in the future V development samples.

Frontal look

There are four small holes in the top front bezel, which host the front-facing camera, infrared (IR) module, and dual microphone. We can see the grey interior through these holes because they expose the metal structure where those modules reside. A black plastic cover will be added on top of the structure after we transit to use hard tooling to build new samples. This tweak will help these modules blend in better with the black front bezel.

Back camera rim

We noticed that the plastic rim around the rear camera module is overly thick, making the mock-up’s back-frame less clean than ideal. Such a rim is designed to prevent the metal camera module from directly contacting the metal chassis, eliminating the risk of shorting these parts. We planned to cut the rim’s thickness in half after consulting with our manufacturer. It will become in line with the first generation V, which had a barely noticeable plastic rim at the same position.


The kickstand is not resting evenly on the back of the mock-up. It may have been damaged during shipping, as evidenced by photos taken before packing. Of course, we cannot exclude the possibility of a manufacturing tolerance cause; we will closely examine it after future samples have been assembled.


Our mock-up has a black sticker that ties the kickstand’s and back frame’s inner side together. It plays a crucial role in fastening the kickstand so that its middle portion stays flat against the back frame. We found that, despite the shallow guide notches designed to facilitate the sticker’s application, the sticker peels off by itself on the mock-up. This issue will be ironed out after further studying the material surface’s stickiness and tightening the new sample’s chassis’ tolerance. We will apply hard tooling; a computer numerical control (CNC) machine will create detailed shapes, and customized stickers with an accurate size will be produced.

Mesh samples
Two mesh samples for speaker holes; vent hole mesh

Each of the ventilation holes on the mock-up is reinforced with black mesh from the inside to help with dust control and block the internal’s views to achieve a clean and sleek appearance. Besides, all four front-facing speaker holes also have fine mesh to prevent dust from affecting the speakers’ sound quality and longevity. The mesh on our mock-up appears too sealed off to allow sufficient airflow. We are looking into sourcing a finer mesh that allows more air to pass through, and thermal capacity will be evaluated to determine the holes’ correct surface area.


You may have noticed that the mock-up has a grey, shiny shade, far from the dark, matte shade chosen to add a premium touch to the new V’s body. We have provided our manufacturer the correct color standard and will soon receive darker, matte, anodized CMF samples to review.

We’re super excited to share with you how the new V is shaping up; these small tweakings and corrections will ultimately allow us to deliver an even better product. Our designers and engineers will continue optimizing the concept base on this real-world mock-up on hand. We’ll write to you once again when we have more exciting news about the project! What do you think? Talk to us in the comments!



Glad to hear there’s mesh behind those venting holes!

Would it be possible to see an image of someone pretending to draw on the screen? Ideally holding it in portrait mode using their left hand, or propped on a crossed leg, and drawing with their right hand? That screen looks massive and I just want to know what it would be like to use it for note taking and drawing.

So good to see the first sample!


We’ll try to take some pictures to demo the note-taking and drawing usage scenario of the new V for you; :smiley: stay tuned!

Update 27 Nov: Here you are!

Mock-up drawing demo


Finally, how will the pen be stored?

from the photos, it seems that it is not stored on the device.


Most likely, it will be a pen loop that you can stick to the new V/folio cover, which matches the V’s color and can be freely removed/reused. We are aware that storing the V Pen in the keyboard or magnetically attaching it to the top/side of the device are the most popular preferences in our community. However, we could not find a satisfying magnet solution or space in the keyboard to fit the V Pen.


Thanks for your hard work! I´m looking forward for Dec 1st :D. Do you think the pen will be good enough to draw on the Eve V as hobby? And how about the battery? How long does it last and how long do we have to recharge it? ^^


Looks awesome! I received the email regarding pre order information but no way to actually do so. Will this be opened in Tuesday after the announcement?


I also received this mail, in which the shipping is dated at Q3 2021…

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Yes Q3 shipping will be too late, once again it will start putting processor in a gen old category, at least, q2 starting is needed as shipping, even by q2 eve v 2 will start seeing competition in market.


I’ll stick with my now old surface pro 5, until then. Already possible to pre-order or only on on the 1st december ?

I’m curious why it’s difficult to find a good magnet solution. The 1st V had it and many tablet devices and 2in1s have a variety of solutions. The point of a 2in1 is you can use it in tablet mode if you want so it seems very strange that there wouldn’t be magnetic pen/tablet connection.


I agree. It worked with the first gen V. If the pen had one slightly flattened side it would stick properly to the current device. So I’m sure that must be possible for the next gen as well!


We are working with Wacom to develop the V Pen; it will feature their latest Active Electrostatic (AES) 2.0 technology, which offers 4096 pressure sensitivity levels and tilt support. It will be tuned for the new V on top of AES’s driver-level optimization, such as off-the-shelf calibration. All of these put the V Pen the right choice for hobbyists to draw on the new V.

We won’t comment on it. :wink:


A magnetic Connection could also be used for Wireless Charging as the iPad (I think PRO) does.

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(Happy anniversary, @Smyler316!) If we implement a magnet in the new V and have the pen attached to the side/top, it will be similar to the 1st Gen V, where the V Pen will have no flat sides. We believe that this design will almost always make the pen roll off position easily, which is why we don’t want to go that direction this time.

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Cannot wait, I am so looking forward to getting my hands on this thing. Why can’t life have a fast-forward button sigh.


Hey thanks! That makes sense to not want the pen easily rolling of the side of the V. There are non-round, magnetic pens out there though. Is round the only shape available to Eve?


Yes. A readily-available round shape Wacom pen is the only option available to us when we consider our time and budget.

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Are these images an accurate representation of the screen’s reflectivity?

Make the ventilation impossible to mistake for any data port.
If penetration damage is an issue, use thin stainless steel mesh.
V Ventilation

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Because many of the images above were processed by a smartphone’s camera software in the first place, it isn’t easy to make them an accurate representation of the mock-up’s screen’s reflectivity. I’ll ask our team member who took the photos to see if we can pick a highly representative picture. Would you like to offer any suggestions in this regard?

Update 01 Dec: @drayzen We carefully shot and selected the following two images to show how the mock-up’s screen handles reflection.

Mock-up reflection 01
Mock-up reflection 02

Please note that the display panel implemented in the mock-up is not the same as the one used for the final product. I.e., the reflection handling property may be entirely different in later development samples and the final model. Nevertheless, it is a crucial aspect of the display that affects user experience in various use-cases and worth continuing to demo for future samples.