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Dear community,

You may be wondering, :thinking: is this another brand new concept topic like the one I brought up? There is a fundamental difference between the two: this thread is OFFICIAL. Many of you have seen me around the forums since February, posting opinions & many designs I love (such as the ongoing front & keyboard concept for the new V). Now, I have joined the community team as a liaison! :partying_face: I will help to answer your questions about the current projects and take your creative ideas to the team so they can focus on making these products a reality. I wish you a pleasant time in the community. :gift_heart:

Shedding more light on the project

Welcome to Project: V FAQ! Currently, we are focusing on gathering opinions from our awesome community to fine-tune our design direction. We have read through every single comment you posted in our official threads; moreover, we are keeping our eyes on all community topics seeking brilliant ideas & questions from you. :revolving_hearts: We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm & contribution to the new V, and will carefully evaluate each suggestion you offered.

In this FAQ, we want to focus on answering questions about the new V that the community came up with, as well as provide the decided specs & features wherever we can. As we are still early in the development stage, many of your highly anticipated feature requests continue to be explored. Meanwhile, please rest assured that once we are ready to provide corresponding insights, we will bring these topics into the community for you to discuss. Let us begin! :flight_departure:

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Most popular questions

What changes have been made to guarantee the durability of the keyboard?

We will be working with a completely different keyboard supplier and manufacturer. On top of that, we have a long list of improvement points based on feedback from first-gen users and data from our support team, which we will use to improve the durability and reliability of the new keyboard.

Is the new V Keyboard compatible with the first-gen V?

We want to include backwards compatibility with the first-gen V wherever we can. However, one crucial improvement involves adding guide notches around the pogo-pin connector. It will improve the user experience and protect both the tablet & the keyboard portions of the device; however, the original V does not support these guide notches, making compatibility unlikely.


Does the new V have rounded screen corners?

Despite reviewing many potential displays from several suppliers, no display panels with rounded corners are available to us.

Does the new V feature a digital bezel?

Ports and other components around the display panel leave the V with inactive bezels. Though it would be possible to disable part of the display panel to create active bezels, it would ultimately just leave the new V with a smaller usable screen.


What are the limitations for external displays on the new V?

Displays can be connected to the new V through USB Type-C. The exact protocols supported, as well as specifications such as maximum resolution or refresh rate for these external panels, is yet to be determined and dependent on the exact CPU platform chosen.

Is the M.2 slot in the new V compatible with components other than an SSD?

The slot should support other M.2 cards, but as space is minimal form factors larger than 2280 may not fit physically inside the device. We are looking into LTE support in a way that doesn’t rely on replacing storage.


Is the new V suitable for real-time audio production?

The first-gen V seemed to have excellent low-latency performance, but as it houses different components, we cannot guarantee this for the new V, which is still in early development.


Does the new V support any form of (reverse) wireless charging?

Wireless charging capability is highly reliant on the housing. Once we refine the industrial design, we can re-evaluate adding wireless charging if the materials allow.

Are there any LED indicators on the new V?

The design outline calls for an indicator light that shows things such as power, standby, or charging.

Does the new V feature user-replaceable components?

Our goal is to use an M.2 SSD, and for it to be accessible in a way as safe and convenient as possible. It would ensure compatibility with off-the-shelf storage drives for easy upgrades or repairs, as well as allow for removal of data from the device for security or recovery efforts. Other components may be replaceable but will be custom-built to fit the limited space available in the V.

Are there drawbacks to using serviceable components such as SODIMMs or M.2?

Being able to replace a component with an off-the-shelf part is excellent for easy repairs or upgrades. But any component designed to be user-replaceable primarily adds significant size. Slightly increased weight and reduced energy efficiency are additional concerns. All of these things are crucial when building a highly mobile device.


What is the maximum kickstand hinge angle?

We can start taking measurements of this when we have our prototypes. The first-generation V supports step-less adjustment up to 150°, and we intend to match or exceed this.

Is the new V vulnerable to bending (as seen with, for instance, iPad Pro)?

Accessibility of the internals is a particular challenge in designing the new V, as this often requires carefully fitting together separate housing components. Many design directions have already been tried, but abandoned for resulting in too flimsy a device, as we take great care to build a sturdy and durable product.

What materials make up the new V’s housing?

So far it looks like we will go with a combination of aluminium and high-grade plastics. More details will come when the designs have been finalized and reviewed by our manufacturing partners.

How do high-quality plastics measure up against metals in terms of durability?

It depends very much on the type of plastics or metals used, and how they are treated. Different materials have different reactions to scratches, dents, drops, bending, and so on. Once the designs are in a more advanced stage, we can go into more details about the materials we are planning to use.


What materials will be used to build the keyboard?

The new V Keyboard is still being designed, and will likely feature a combination of hard materials such as plastics and soft materials such as ultrasuede. More details will be made available as the design process continues.

What materials will be used for the keycaps?

The keycaps will be plastic; exact details will follow as we narrow down the specific module used with our keyboard suppliers.

How do the keys and palm rest feel on touch (i.e. warm or cold)?

As the keys and wrist rest of the keyboard do not contain components that heat up during use, you can expect the palm rest to be at or around room temperature. Exact surface finishes are still undecided.

Does Alcantara wear over time?

We have not yet decided on either material or finish, but are considering Alcantara and other ultrasuede materials. Experience with the first-generation V and other products shows that Alcantara is a resilient and durable material, provided it is cared for properly.

Can the keyboard of the new V be lifted at an angle?

The keyboard can be lifted in the same fashion as the first-generation V Keyboard or Surface Pro. Once we have our designs finalized, we can start taking measurements things like the maximum angle.

Can end users remap the key functions?

No such function is present on a hardware level, though there are third-party software solutions on the market that can enable remapping on just about any keyboard.

Are we keeping unique legends like the flipped pyramid V and Oops! keys?

We have not made any final decision yet. We are quite fond of our subtle V logo, but we are also aware that there has been pushback against the quirkiness of the Oops! key.

Is the new V Keyboard compatible with the Surface Pro 7?

The new V Keyboard will not be compatible with the Surface line of devices.


Can the V Pen be stored in or on the new V?

We have not chosen a method yet. We are aware that magnetically attaching the round pen did not work well on the first-generation V, so whatever we come up with, it will not be that.


Will there be an Eve eGPU accessory for the new V?

It is not something we are currently working on. But by following the Thunderbolt spec, the new V should be compatible with any third-party Thunderbolt eGPU enclosure.

Did we miss anything?

Please post your questions about the new V here, and we will try our best to answer them! :smiley:



Welcome to the team!


I don’t know any SSD in format larger than 2280

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For the use in tablets, probably no SSD is more massive than 2280 M.2. For Laptops & PCs, there are bigger 22110 M.2 SSDs, 2.5" SATA SSDs & Data Centre PCI-E SSDs exist.


Awesome to see you on the team! The attention to detail and responsiveness to input in your keyboard thread has been top notch. Great FAQ write up!

Kickstand angle- Matching the 150°angle of the first V is not enough in my opinion. Exceeding that is important for usability. I can’t tell you how many times I needed more range of motion.


Wait, what? How do I have to understand this? Are they folding the keyboard back (if so, no wonder everybodies cables break) or just leave it dangling if they pick it up? What is the use of getting a 2in1 with a detachable keyboard if you don’t detach it?

I feel the same way, provided that the kickstand holds up if I lay my hand on the screen to work with the stylus (without giving me anxiety, I might breakt the thing).

@Lore_Wonder: Great post! I like the clarity, which, I felt, was sometimes missing from your previous posts. Keep up the great work!

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@pjandb Thank you for both your praise & question. :grin: The ratio of users leaving the keyboard attached vs detached in tablet mode of a 2-in-1 device like the new V is roughly 1.3: 1. Fast switching to laptop mode & time/space-saving of not detaching the keyboard could be the reason. Due to the original thread was on a mega scale, there has not been much talk around this idea. Please feel free to initiate the discussion here.

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Congrats on the new position mate!! :raised_hands:

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For CPU, is the Intel Tiger Lake confirmed? Or will the AMD have the chance to be in the list?

Any idea for the target battery life??

Will Windows 10 X be used aa the OS? (Though it is still not sure about the functionality)

Most importantly, when can it be released to the market??? My old notebook is dying.


It is too early for us to provide detailed information regarding the CPU choice, target battery life, Windows 10 X, and release date of the new V. We are looking into various options. Also, we will carefully decide based on community feedback, available resources, our time and budget. If time is pivotal for you, I recommend buying a laptop in the market to obtain a fast & stable productivity machine. Both AMD 4000 H series and Intel 10th Gen H series laptops are available for shipping. Therefore, it is an excellent time to purchase a new laptop right now. I hope your experience with the new V crowd-development helps you make a wise laptop purchase. :grinning:


Any idea of what the power button will be like? One of the issues I had with gen 1 was the power button not having proper tactile feedback when it was pressed. Sometimes I thought I was pressing the button to turn it on, but when the V didn’t turn on I would have to press it again at a different angle.


Welcome to our community, @nomoreSP3!

I reported a very similar question to the team. :yum: Currently, we are focussing on adjusting other internal components; therefore, we may bring more details to the community once we have a matured model of what the power button is like on the new V.


Could you please provide an assessment of the benefits of combining an eGPU with a low power CPU? Basically, will the V2be able to keep up with an eGPU for a sustained period of time?


A good suggestion! :dove: We will consider performing such a (new V specific) test when we have prototypes, to which we have a long way to go.


How does the ‘guide-notches’ look like? Is there a possibility we can ‘hack’ it ourselves to make it compatible with Eve V 1st gen?

One more thing! Can we have a dedicated function button for bluetooth pairing, and possibly a more intuitive indicator lights as well? I mean the current indicator light is discreet but it lacks clarity. And pls don’t make the materials soft-alcantra like… we live in post covid world and having such materials makes it more likely for germs to thrive.


We are still working on the keyboard design; therefore, we will reveal more details down the line.

We will look into it; however, the chance is low.

Yes, it is on our list, and we will try to improve on it. :smiley:

According to this article, it seems that it does not matter very much.


I have my current V connected to a Razer Core X with a GeForce 2060 card and it works great! It allows display on my desktop monitor much more reliably than the USB-C DP Alt-mode to HDMI adaptors, seems to be snappier for desktop applications, and allows many games to be played - certainly doesn’t take full advantage of the 2060 (which I got for the Turing architecture), but it’s still a huge improvement over the integrated graphics.
On the next V, the biggest improvement I would like to see in this area is that right now the Thunderbolt is apparently providing 4 lanes, but is throttled so it only gets 20Gbs - this is common with mobile processors, but it would be nice to be able to run the Thunderbolt at full speed, at least when the V is powered (as it is when powered by the Core X).


My problem with the the release of the previous v was that its processor was a gen behind by the time it came out. Any thing being done to get the most current processors?

AMD or Intel?

Estimated time to design completion?

Preorder date?
Projected ship date


The processor is a tricky choice, and we will continue to work on it. Various dates of completion will be determined further down the line.

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Thanks for your time Looking forward to the great product

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