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Beloved community,

Thank you for your feedback on our last Project: V topic! We have learned what you are most interested in from your comments, which inspired us to fine-tune crucial aspects and bring relevant exclusive insights. Through my camera, I’ll let you know everything about the touch function of the V 2021 on this topic.

Navigation and drawing

Touch panel

Sitting above the liquid crystal display (LCD), the touch panel senses finger and stylus input for directly interacting with the V 2021 Tablet using its screen. Behind the scenes, a key challenge for us was to make the touch panel and LCD fit each other to function in harmony. A significant step towards this goal was laser cutting the ‘feet’ of the LCD in preparation for the touch panel integration.

The completed screen (left); unmodified LCD foot (right)

Our team traveled to the touch panel factory for a comprehensive overview of their expertise, as well as a tour of their manufacturing facility. We were guided through dozens of dust-free workshops during the visit while learning how the production lines integrate a touch panel from A to Z, including how the touch panel is mounted to the LCD.

Team in the factory showroom. Filming is prohibited in most other parts of the factory.


The addition of a pen brings the drawing and writing ability of the Tablet to a whole new level. A good stylus experience requires attention to smoothness, pressure holding, latency, sensitivity, and palm rejection. See the Pen in action through a series of line drawing tests:

Wacom’s generic driver tool can be used to customize the two shortcut buttons near the pen tip to speed up note-taking and artistic use.

The buttons can be configured in the Wacom Pen settings main tab (left). Battery taskbar status, pressure, and tilt sensitivity adjustments are also available. You can assign eight (nine include right-click) different actions to a single button via the radial menu tab (right).

Screenshot 2021-08-05 153723
Radial menu in action. The Pen hovered over ‘Web Browser,’ which launches the default browser when being tapped.

Click (tap) here for a summary of functions assignable to the pen buttons.
Switch application
Barrel button
Page up
Page down
Go back
Go forward
Windows Search
Web browser
Wacom Pen

1 Choosing ‘Keystroke’ allows you to record a sequence of key presses that will be played back when the pen button or radial menu item is activated.

2 ‘Open/Run’ lets you choose from a pre-populated list of apps, or lets you browse for a file or program of your choice to launch.

The Pen has an exchangeable pen tip and a straightforward battery replacement process:

Touch pad

Adding the Keyboard to the Tablet enables the ability to navigate with multi-finger gestures using the Windows Precision touch pad:

A listen to the touch pad’s sound:

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what is the scan rate of the touch panel?


Hey, @lukas_baudet!

The scan rate of the touch panel is up to 100Hz each point for a maximum of 10 points when touched by fingers only. When the V Pen is in use, this number becomes up to 67Hz each point for a maximum of 10 points.


Does one need the V-keyboard in order to set up the pen?
I did not order a keyboard b/c I use a 2in1 Laptop when doing typing work. I intend to use the BT-only keyboard (which I use now with the old V) with the new V, for occasional keystrokes.
Is no attached keyboard needed to get access to all pen-functionings?


Hey, @adt!

It is not necessary. You can use a Bluetooth-only keyboard and still access all pen functions.


Do you have any idea what the scan rate is on other Windows devices with a touch panel?

I haven’t used a single Windows device with a touch experience that came even close to that of an Android or iOS device. The touch response is usually fairly janky, and it feels like there’s a large gap between each touch sensor in the panel. Either that, or the scan rate is too low, but I think it’s the density of touch sensors in the panel.

I’ve always felt this is something to do with the panel, so I’m really hopeful V2 could address this.

Unless, of course it’s something to do with Windows itself, but I hope it isn’t.


That’s great news about the pen functionality!
Thanks for the update :relaxed:

Will the pen come with replacement tips?

After a lot of use (for me it’s been about 1-2 years per in so far) the nibs wear out and the feel of the pen on the display becomes horrible.

3 to 5 replacement nibs being included would be great. I assume that wouldn’t increase the cost by much. Having to buy them years later, when they re needed is always annoying


Does Eve V2 support Windows 11?

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Any device in the last four or five years should support Windows 11.

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But not the Eve V :slight_smile: … unless they provide a firmware update

The Microsoft site says otherwise for me Eve V

@Skyking Windows 11 requires Secure Boot. The V (with the current firmware) does not have Secure Boot. We’ve asked Eve whether they would implement a firmware update but they haven’t responded yet - hopefully we’ll get a response when they’re not quite so busy on Spectrum matters.

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I think this is more a limitation of windows rather than the display, since android mostly use touch as an input device it’s way more efficient in that way where windows was never build to be use with fingers.

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What computer doesn’t use fingers as input these days?

That’s a rubbish excuse.

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Hey, @Skyking!

The line drawing and touch pad navigation footage are filmed using a V 2021 sample with Windows 11 installed. The V 2021 supports secure boot and has TPM 2.0; it meets Windows 11’s requirements.


I think that the radial dial can be made a little smaller, this size makes it really unattractive visually and a little distracting.

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Hey, @SimulatedScience - just wanted to give you an update: We’re currently evaluating this and will get back with the community.