Project: V | Configurations and pre-sales launch!


Beloved community,

We have breaking news – your own V has been built.

Your options

We received terrific votes and feedback from you in our stock keeping units (SKU) survey topic. Based on the poll result and comments, we find that out of all possible V configurations, the following will meet the needs of most voters.

CPU RAM storage connectivity price*
Core i5 16GB 512GB $ 1189
Core i7 16GB 512GB $ 1389
Core i7 16GB 1TB $ 1439
Core i7 32GB 512GB $ 1489
Core i7 32GB 1TB $ 1589
Core i7 32GB 512GB LTE&GPS $ 1689
Core i7 32GB 1TB LTE&GPS $ 1789

*Prices are starting prices and do not include V Keyboard and V Pen.

As much as we would like to offer as many different Vs tailored precisely for every one of you, it is beyond our current project’s scale. Therefore, we are instead focusing on these seven most popular choices to offer each combination’s best possible value. Unlike our competitors, who cut down the base model’s price and charge an unbalanced premium for its top-end models, we ensure each configuration offers the highest value at a fair price.

Questions? Want more info?

We’ll have a detailed follow-up post soon to provide you the detailed information. Remember to leave your questions here, and try our best to answer them all!


What are you waiting for?

You can already reserve your V at its lowest possible price! Our price model dynamically increases the price based on sales until shipping to reward our community and early adopters. The best time to order is always now!



Got my pre-order in. I went for the top model*

I think I ordered in the wrong region but I’m sure we can sort that out!

*I couldn’t help it :flushed:

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Just pre-order the new Eve V v2 and it does look amazing but had a question on the Keyboard. As was discussed in a previous thread about Bluetooth in the keyboard, would the pre-order come with bluetooth or is just just a pogo connected keyboard only. Would an option be available for the Bluetooth keyboard?

Thank you for all your effort in bringing this product to market. As the owner of the first Eve V v1, that is such a needed upgrade but not to say my original Eve V v1 is still running strong.

Do we know an estimated time when this will start shipping?


It’s funny really. When I was doing the survey on what should be in the new V I was very sensible and didn’t ask for LTE/GPS because although I would probably use GPS occasionally I can’t see me using LTE.

When it came to ordering though… “I really need that”.

Time to start saving up!


The pre-order will come with a pogo connected keyboard if the keyboard option is selected.

We are looking into the possibility of providing a Bluetooth option in the future. :smiley:

Our estimated shipping time is Q3 2021.

And here is the pre-order made
Intel Core i7 CPU-32GB RAM-1TB SSD

Once again you take a big step forward on the hardware at a truly magnificent price.


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I´m a bit confused. Are pen and keyboard already included in these 1189$?

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How do we know if we were one of the first 500 to get the special price?

Thank you for bringing it up! We have adjusted our wording to the following.

If your starting price (exclude V Keyboard and V Pen) is the same as those listed in our post, you are among the 500 early adopters who get the special price!


Just ordered mine as well. For i7 with LTE. Originally thought I would just get the 500gb, but then thought, why not just get 1 tb, never know. With that amount, I could just throw everything on there without need for a usb stick or something.

One thing though, I put down 300 usd for it, but is it possible to pay the rest in cad? Since I’m in Canada and all. Or better yet, if you you were able to set up a pay by debit option as well, that would be awesome


I think the price of this news indicates the special price so if we paid the same it is because we have in the first 500


Once again the product seems solid, but Q3 2021 deadline is too much, ready to shell out more later once shipping deadlines become clear. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey, guys! We recommend you contact our support team for questions about your order. They will be able to look into the situation and give you an appropriate response.

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I would like to pre-order, but need to see the keyboard layouts!
Are there pictures of the layouts please? I find conflicting information on the internet, having official picture would help greatly!

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What is the weight of the unit (ideally with and without keyboard)? I may have missed it but couldn’t see it in the specs.

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I feel bad, as a owner of a Surface pro 7, looking at those magnificent specs just bring tears to my eyes. Having to sell my device to acquire that beauty wouldn’t be reasonable, would it?


Cool cool cool. Still early. But glad I snapped one up. Went with the big daddy, but without the lte.
That sucker should be a beast. And it’s not much more than my Dell refurb. (The base price was lower tho).

Now about that dock…


The keyboard is currently under development; we will write more about it when we get further questions to ask you guys or more of the layout get confirmed! You can read our latest topic about the keyboard layout!

As we are still in the early stage of development samples, the final product’s weight is subjected to sizable changes. We’ll share more info at a later stage of the project!

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LOL - Did the same thing. I went for the top (minus one) version, I still haven’t filled up the SSD on my Eve Gen1. Really looking forward to the Gen2.


Thank you, I placed a pre-order, I hope closer to shipment, I can change keyboard layout, once it is finalized, if I decide International ISO is better choice?