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Hello, hello, community!

We’re excited to bring you even more news about the V 2021. In the past weeks, we’ve had a few topics covering its prototype and packaging. Now, through Grant’s (@Lore_Wonder) camera, I cannot wait to guide you through the fresh footage from our pilot production line.

So, sit back, relax, and stay a while, as we take a look at how the V is built from A to Z…

Pilot production run

The final step before mass production

By using pre-produced custom components and ramping up numbers on the production line, we ensure it works as intended so that we can soon start building Vs for our customers.

Using small pieces of woven fabric tape, this operator fixes the display connectors to the back of the panel to help with attachment to the housing. Note the anti-static wrist strap that she is wearing; these are used at all stations where sensitive electronics are being handled.

This operator is conducting an inspection of the housing - specifically, in this shot he is verifying the fitment of the power button.

This operator applies a pre-cut plastic film to the back of the motherboard to insulate it from the housing.

This operator is applying a conductive foam pad to the gold contacts at the bottom of the motherboard, that will also make contact with the housing. This will provide direct discharge capabilities to help prevent electrostatic buildup.

This operator is installing the ventilation grille mesh at the top of the housing.

This operator is inserting the kickstand into the housing.

This operator is installing the metal strip in the center of the housing to keep the kickstand in place. Also, note the blue film at the top of the housing, where the motherboard shall be installed. Underneath that is a layer of graphite that is used to help dissipate heat from the motherboard.

This operator is applying glue to the magnets for the keyboard to ensure that they remain secured.

This semi-automatic workstation is a battery compression machine - after the V’s batteries are glued in, it applies a controlled force to ensure that the batteries are evenly placed.

This operator screws a metal bracket that secures the flexcable between the daughterboard and the motherboard. The daughterboard is host to the volume rocker, SD Card reader, and a single Type-C port.

This operator is attaching the pogo pin’s flat cable to the pin.

This operator is inserting the pogo pin’s cable into its receptacle.

This operator is screwing in the M.2 SSD.

This operator is applying tape to hold the speaker wire in place.

Payment collection is live

Also, a note about the Keyboard

The completion of this pilot production run means that the shipping is right around the corner. Therefore, we now open up balance payment collection for the V 2021. In the next couple of days, our customer support team will send out personal invitations to pre-existing customers with instructions on how to get a V on your desk. You can read more and discuss about it on our balance payment topic.

In addition, US (ANSI) will be the only option for the Keyboard. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our manufacturer has significantly increased the minimum order quantity for the Keyboard. Unfortunately, layouts other than the US did not meet this requirement due to the demand.

Final words

That’s it. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the pilot production run and cannot wait to get mass-produced units to your hands!

Have a great weekend!



I hope shipping goes better than Spectrums.


Hey, @Chris_G_EAP!

We appreciate your concern and are hoping for the same. We are doing everything in our power to optimize the shipping process.


Tbh… Under the circumstances I think they did a good job with the spectrum launch.


I really like the V but before I chip in I would like to know a good estimate as to when we can have these in our hands as “shipping is right around the corner”. Do we hope to get it till Christmas, Q1 2022 or later?

Hey @Alexandros,

The V is currently estimated to start shipping in October this year. We will prioritize shipping the units that are paid for first based on our “first come, first serve” principle. Depending on your location, the shipping of your V approximately takes between 3 to 10 days.

Does the new V qualify for Windows 11?

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Hey, @dorcurto!

Yes, it does. It supports secure boot, has TPM 2.0 as well as a compatible CPU.


Sounds good! Guess I’ll go with it.

October is gonna be quite the month for Eve with two Spectrums and V being shipped at the same time, you’ll probably outgrow your offices quite soon haha

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Nice update. Glad to see production is going more smoothly this time around.
Can’t wait to see what these are capable of.

@Lore_Wonder when do you think production will be at a point that retail purchases will be possible? I’m sure there are quite a few preorders that have been placed.


@Lore_Wonder When you say “first come, first serve”, is that the same as the Spectrum “first come, first server” where people who ordered months later received the item earlier than people who paid straight away?

Also, you say “The V is currently estimated to start shipping in October this year.” and “Depending on your location, the shipping of your V approximately takes between 3 to 10 days.”. You gave a similar answer for Spectrum. For Spectrum, shipping commenced in June, and yet very few people (who paid straight away) received the items until late July/early August, and some still haven’t received them.

Why will it be different this time with the new V?

Also, will you be offering standard and express shipping, or express shipping only, and can you give a rough estimate of the shipping price?


Hi @Phil,

We are doing our best to improve the shipping process. Moreover, for your questions, express shipping will be the only option, and the exact shipping cost will depend on the customer’s region and be calculated at checkout.


This is a really interesting update.

The spectrum shipping is taking 18-35 days, and spectrum users are being advised of delivery times in October. So a delivery time of 3-10 days suggests that the massive delays in global shipping that have apparently delayed the spectrum to such an extent are going to disappear in the next few weeks. Really great news. Can you expand on how you know this? I would have expected the world wide unblocking of shipping to be bigger news

This is because, we are only able to offer express shipping for the V. Express shipping is couriered vier air freight. The global shipping crisis is very much still ongoing it’s just not as prevalent with express shipping, as apposed to standard shipping (vier sea freight).


Super news! really looking forward to reading about all the satisfied customers receiving their V late October.


I can’t wait!

My Spectrum is on it’s way and the V will [hopefully] not be too far behind.


It’s great to hear about your excitement! Enjoy your Eve devices!


Please do let us all know when they both arrive because based on the Spectrum shipping I have little confidence in that happening.

(Although would love to be proven wrong!)

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Hey @darkrealms

Just out of curiosity - where are you requesting retail purchase information for?

We will be announcing this sort of information by the end of the year.


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That is helpful information. I am interested in purchasing this but will not be preordering again.
If you would like more info you can DM me.