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Hey, community!

We are assembling shipping units and gradually ramping up the production! Here is a sneak peek:

Much of the assembly line testing is conducted in this dark room, including Delta E and white point factory calibration, panel quality inspection, as well as power consumption.

We now have continuous stacks of Spectrum boxes being transported out of the warehouse and loaded onto the assembly line.

You may notice a meaningful improvement in packaging print quality. We visited the box printing factory and fine tuned the color vibrancy, image sharpness, and white balance.


We’ll start to ship Spectrum to our customers as massed-produced units complete the quality control inspection!



So hopefully I have mine in 10-14 days…

Edit: Great news


Very exciting update! Countdown commencing


If I paid on May 27, am I part of “batch 1”?


Yes, you will be part of batch 1:

However, the date of your final payment determines your production spot within the batch. So anyone paying before May 27 will have their unit produced and shipped sooner. And as far as I understood it, the first batch will be in production for a whole month, i.e. your order might not be shipped until mid-July depending on how many people paid before you. Hope that helps.


I have a slightly different reading of this. But anyway, my guess is that there will be enough produced that it won’t take a whole month to produce the first batch. My guess is that they have booked maybe a week or two for mass production at the factory and then another week for the second batch. At least that was done with the first V.
Last time it took some time for the delivery when I remember correctly so products were kept at the warehouse.

Let’s ask @Lore_Wonder to clarify on this :thinking:

How long does the inspection take?


Actually, this was changed because there were so many issues with the payments. Eve have changed the shipping priority to be based on your pre-order date rather than your payment date.

On a side note, I also dislike the use of the word “batch” when it comes to the production here… The word implies that some quantity of units will be available as a group at some given time. That’s just not the case.

The term “production run” is far more appropriate. From what I’ve been able to gather, Eve have asked the factory to produce units for every pre-order. Some portion of these will be ready to ship on June 29. But production will continue past this date, and units will be shipped when they’re ready.


Can you point me to the official Communiqué? I only gathered that those who had issues with their final balance payment were exempt from the payment date prioritization.


Hey, @wenay84086!

After Spectrum is assembled, tested, and packaged on the assembly line (as you can see from the images), selected units go through the inspection of our factory’s out of the box (OOB) department as well as 3rd-party quality control team. The time inspection takes typically scales with the number of units being sampled.


Hey @kaum,

Just to provide an extra clarification in regards to the production and batch system that is currently taking place. We are currently in the mass production phase of Spectrum Model 3 (4K 144Hz model). Units are currently being assembled, tested, and inspected. Once the units have undergone the thorough quality control process, completed, and tested units will be sent to dispatch, ensuring that everyone gets their Spectrum at the earliest possible time. This process will be ongoing after the shipping date commences, and as previously mentioned, units will be shipped out on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. The 2nd batch of production will commence shipping from the end of July, and this is to indicate to new customers that they will have to wait until the 1st production batch is completed.

I hope this helps add further clarity. Any further questions be sure to reply, and we will assist where possible.


Hello I paid on May 24, am I part of “lot 1”?

Looking good!

Is there a rough estimate on how many produced already (or available at the 29th) and how many are total in the 1st batch?
Just to get a rough estimate on when to start expecting mine (ordered somewhere beginning of december 2020)

Hey @Murat_Tigre, @DoNCaLiTrI,
Your order will be part of the 1st production batch. This will be an ongoing process while the shipping phase commences. This ensure that everyone receives their Spectrum as soon as possible. Like we previously explained this will be done in chronological order on a first come, first serve basis.

In short, as units become available to ship. They will be sent forward to the dispatch process. Unfortunately I am unable to provide the specific dates you will receive your Spectrum, but I can assure you as soon as your order is ready. It will be shipped. Once you receive your tracking number this can be used to more accurately estimate your expected delivery date.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the specific details for your queries at this time, because this will be part of an ongoing process. I can assure you though you will receive your Spectrum as soon as possible.


My order was end of May, so I guess I’m first batch too?
Only concern is my order (which I have confirmation of) isn’t on my account on Eve.devices?

Hey @Chris_G_EAP,
If this was an existing pre-order that you completed at the end of may. Then this is correct. Dispatch dates will vary ofcourse, because this will be done in chronological order as units become available to ship. Production of the 1st batch will be ongoing during the same time shipping commences.

If you would like to contact our support team to double check about your order not being on the account page. They will be able to assist you further in this regard, but I believe if you have received your confirmation email there should be no issues.


As shipments roll out starting next Tuesday, is it possible to include number of orders sent out each week or something? Additionally, could you possibly tell us the total number of orders in batch 1? That way we can maintain a general idea of when our monitors will be shipped.

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Hey @Aetherdale,

The only specifics details I have (if you refer to my previous post), is that shipping commences from Tuesday the 29th of June (exciting times!), and this will be done in chronological order on a first come, first serve basis.
I will speak with the team to see if it’s possible to provide more specific details regarding the production capacity, but I can’t promise we will be able to provide this specific information. I will ofcourse let you know if more data becomes available relevant to your queries.


Thanks Tom! Yeah, I figured there was no way to know off the top of your head so I was just hoping for future clarification. It’d be really great to know what rate these monitors are getting out into the world.


I think a reasonable thing to do would be to tell us (a) how many units the first production run is; and (b) a tally of how many monitors are shipped out per day (after the review samples are sent out). I would love to see the pre-order date of the last unit shipped out on a daily basis, but I imagine that’s a bit harder. But if your factory or shipping logistics team can’t provide a daily number, that would be a bit surprising to me (as someone who works with factories manufacturing consumer electronics).