Project: Spectrum | What's Next For ES07D02


Hey community,

In our last update on ES07D02, we introduced an increase to the number of dimming zones, resulting in enhanced backlight accuracy in HDR. Since then, you have shown us overwhelming enthusiasm for the possibility to overclock the panel for an even better backlight strobing experience, as well as a glossy polarizer for deeper blacks and sharper images. After a thorough evaluation with our manufacturer, we are proud to announce that both 280Hz overclocking and an optional, customized glossy coating are in the works.

You can read more about the glossy polarizer in our previous topic: Project: Spectrum | First Ever Glossy 4K Gaming Monitor?. Moreover, Dave2D made a great video on an engineering sample of the 4K glossy variation. Check it out:

Dave2D | How Has Nobody Made This Before?
In this topic, let me walk you through what is expected on the development side and provide you with an updated start of shipping estimate.

Developments ahead

PCB rework

Several printed circuit board (PCB) modifications are required to accommodate the panel changes, and we’d like to take this opportunity to improve it further based on our existing ES07D03 PCB. For this, our manufacturing partner has started testing for the following changes:

  • Board support for 32 local dimming zones and 280Hz overclocking.
  • Power settings optimization for the ideal picture quality.
  • Component upgrade and redesigned layout for louder and clearer audio through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

ES07D02 panel

PCB front
PCB rear

The latest ES07D02 PCB in testing.

LCM physical change

The panel adjustments initially required a shift in screw hole position on the metal shell of the liquid crystal module (LCM), which would require us to modify Spectrum’s housing tooling accordingly, introducing immense cost and delay to the project. Fortunately, we have successfully negotiated with LG Display to have the LCM shell customized for Spectrum to allow us to keep the existing housing. Although this new LCM inevitably added lead time to the project, it has much less impact than adjusting the tooling.


ES07D03 LCM.

Overdrive table adjustment

Overdrive table is a set of coded data which serves as the backbone of our 64 levels of user-defined overdrive settings, including the presets. This different panel requires the overdrive table to be tweaked accordingly to optimize pixel transition time and overshoot.

Backlight strobing tuning

ES07D02 introduces an even higher refresh rate than ES07D03 alongside the overdrive table difference. This will require customized tuning from Blur Busters to perfect our backlight strobing presets for most use cases. Precise control over pulse width, pulse phase, and overdrive gain will be at the fingertips of advanced users to get the best motion blur reduction out of their Spectrum.

QRE compatibility testing

Given the hardware changes, quality and reliability engineering (QRE) compatibility testing is a must to catch as many unexpected behaviors as possible. This will allow us to prioritize kinks to iron out before mass production, so your Spectrum works as expected out of the box.

We aim to first achieve the same level of functionality with the existing ES07D03 and then continue to add new functions through firmware updates. Cool features you suggested are actively in the talk, such as user-assignable USB hub source to a specific video input, more color presets for crosshair and frame rate counter, as well as DisplayPort compatibility modes. We’ll continue to try our best to implement as many of them as possible!

Schedule update

The planned development puts our best estimate for the shipping start date at the end of April 2022. While we understand this delay may be disappointing to hear, we are making incredible progress and hope that you are super excited about the improvements we are working on. ES07D02 is shaping up to be an epic monitor!



Can you help us understand, nowadays, what makes the Eve devices better than other monitors? It has been postponed so many times, that now we have 4K at 120 Hz and Monitors 32 inch with 240hrz cheaper. Please help us understand?


So glad to hear the 1440p version is making progress and has some major upgrades; like 280hz refresh rate, more dimming zones, and the awesome glossy panel!


Exclusive features. Pixel-perfect (integer) scaling in particular, that no other monitor in the world supports.


It was just what made me rethink my purchase seriously. Thank you very much for such a great feature :pray: :blush:

Mmm I don’t know if it’s a hasty date but I trust you @Lore_Wonder I´m very excited and I do not mind waiting more sincerely because good things take time :wink:

was also a good surprise when they achieved what you mentioned ^^ hehehe 280 Hz is coming!!!


would the glossy polarizer be a new model or an opt-in upgrade/change for current orders? dissapointed in the delay, but hopefully the improvements are worth it.


@Lore_Wonder Could you provide a status update on the ES07D01? The last update was Sept 2021.

More than happy to wait til April if it means I can get the monitors I originally wanted AND choose glossy at checkout instead of waiting for a new model to be developed with a glossy coating.

All that remains for me is this: Will the option to select a glossy option be applied to new orders of the 4k model as well, even if only closer to when ES07D02 ships? I’ve ordered two of the 1440p panel but a 4k glossy panel would be a fine addition for content consumption…


Very happy to hear about the 280 hz upgrade and is the glossy optional upgrade available for current 280hz reservation holders for April? Super excited about this monitor :slight_smile: please contact @BlurBusters to see what is the status of the VRR + backlight strobing implementation. It’s been in the manufacturers hands since November and would like to see some progress on that front since that’s one of the main standout features of this monitor.


This is untrue other monitors also have integer scaling (not that many but they do in fact I believe the new Asus 1440p 360hz has) please tell me why I shouldn’t go buy one of the new 1440p 360hz monitor coming soon as I will still get that before shipping even starts on this?

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I am happy about the news and I really hope the monitor is as good as it looks and is ready to ship in April.
Thank you very much for the information


So I’ll give you some reason.

  1. This monitor is blur busters tuned. That does give it a high level of user customizability when it comes to important factors such as
  • Having 64 overdrive settings to choose from, most companies will offer you 5 settings at MOST. Depending if you live in a cold or warmer climate than when they test the monitor for ghosting or inverse ghosting you are out of luck (unless you shell out extra money for nvidia Gsync module and I don’t think it takes climate temperature into account). For example, if you are playing in a room that’s colder than their testing environment, you’ll need a higher overdrive to avoid inverse ghosting than someone in a warmer room.
  • Backlight strobing tuned by blur busters. This is a big deal because backlight strobing removes an enormous amount of motion blur that is due to LCD persistence. I’ve seen some youtube videos on the backlight strobing on this monitor is the best red phosphor monitor on the market currently (there’s little to no crosstalk and only faint red fringing at lower hz), not to mention this is one of few monitors that can actually strobe down to 50 hz! Many manufacturers won’t let you strobe below 80 hz! Console and Retro gamers rejoice who want a CRT-like gaming experience with no motion blur :slight_smile:
  • This might be the only monitor in existence that will get Gsync/Freesync that works WITH backlight strobing that’s USER configurable! This is a big deal because the only competing options like ELMB sync (not available on gsync native monitors, only gsync compatible ones) and aim stabilizer sync (gigabyte implementation) don’t have any option to adjust the settings of the strobe while VRR (gsync/freesync) is enabled and lock the overdrive! This one will have ALL the settings unlocked like strobe phase, strobe length and even the range where backlight strobing will engage/disengage
  • Overdrive on most monitors from Asus, Acer, Gigabyte are LOCKED when you use backlight strobing and sometimes even when you use HDR you can’t change the brightness! This monitor has no such limitations!
  1. This monitor has a LOT of ports, more than many monitors out there. Gsync module monitors don’t support HDMI 2.1 for example while this monitor has 2 of them, 1 DP 1.4 and a usb C with DP 1.4 support!
  2. None Gamer aesthetic - Not many of us want to show RED lights everywhere and want a simple and sophisticated looking monitor that can be used in our home.
  3. GLOSSY OPTION - if you saw dave2dee video you’d see that having the monitor glossy will not only make the image appear MUCH sharper and clearer (especially at QHD) but also the contrast is MUCH BETTER.

that is totally false and ridiculous that statement. No monitor except Spectrum has that function that he himself created. You don’t even know how the Asus monitor works :rofl: but share at least one link with that supposed information


It’s all good, even if it DID have integer scaling, my essay above is more than enough reason to stick to spectrum. Let me know if I missed anything to add! :smiley:


It makes me angry that someone speaks without any foundation or basis. On Marat Tanalin’s own website it specifies which monitors have implemented this function. And I highly doubt that other functions or alternatives look like integer pixel scaling

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No reason to get upset, just post facts of what you find and let the work speak for itself :slight_smile: I personally love Asus monitors, I have an XG27AQM (Gsync compatible) with ELMB sync but I understand from experience the short comings of paying for a monitor from a big brand company. You don’t really get a voice on what features make it into the final product like you do here with the eve spectrum. I know everyone is upset about the delay but it’s a product worth waiting for in my opinion and the 4k model has already made it into people’s hands so it’s not fake, it’s not a scam. Plus we have the great @BlurBusters doing the tuning on this monitor and I trust the quality of those tunings!


you’re right. That the work speaks for itself. Honestly, I think the set of functions and features it has is spectacular. These monitors produced by the Eve team are products that truly stand up to the competition :sparkles: :+1: :triumph:


I new to this forum, but I joined because I wanted to make a statement. I have pre-ordered the 2K version early in its infancy and I am willing to continue to wait if it means having a high-quality product ship. Although it is disappointing to have the shipment date pushed back further and further I would like to have all the wrinkles ironed out so to speak prior to receiving the product. Nobody wins if you rush a product if it means the final product will be riddled with flaws. Also with the silicon shortage I can’t even get a hold of a 3090 to power my games to meet the fps to match the hz of this monitor so I personally have no need to rush.

With that said, if people come on this forum with a sole purpose to question the product development team as to why we should choose their product over anyone else is being unproductive.

Nobody is preventing you from buying anyone else’s product. If you’re complaining and whining about not having things NOW and have a problem waiting then that’s your fault.

These monitors are made by LG. That should be one DARN good reason alone to warrant you waiting. They even added more dimming zones without anyone saying anything. Plus this monitor doesn’t look like an annoying teen gamer puked all over it. It has style and aesthetics and is something I won’t be embarrassed about when guests come over.

Don’t listen to the haters Eve Team. Those who wait will be rewarded.


It’s just what I said “good things take time”. I am still in the same situation. Luckily I have an Xbox Series S but I like to play on PC better. It’s where I feel most comfortable. At the moment I play my games on my laptop with my disgusting GTX 950m :sob: mmm I don’t think I’m waiting for an RTX 4070, but an RTX 4080 or 4090. Although really and I’m sure I won’t need an RTX 4090. RTX 4080 vs RTX 4090 will be an improvement of 5 or 10% at most? With a surreal surcharge. Anyway, even if you can’t push 1440p 240fps. You have integer pixel scaling, playing at 720p won’t be a problem for me. I prefer to lower the resolution than the graphics, because lowering the graphics has a greater visual impact compared to a low resolution image


Hey @gesuswat,

Screen size, resolution, and refresh rates you choose are highly down to personal preference, hardware available, use-case, and setup. 27” is actually considered by many to be most optimal size especially when sitting at a desk and especially playing FPS games.
For PC gamers in particular, some preferer to prioritise refresh rate over resolution and opt for a 1440p option (Like ES07D02) to be able to make the most of those higher refresh rates. For a console gamer it would make more sense to opt for a 4k 144hz model, because the best possible output XBSX and PS5 can support is 4k @ 120hz.

Aside from the great mentions by @MT, and @liquidshadowfox. ES07D02 supports HDR 600, and each monitor is individually colour calibrated after assembly. If you do not require the stand (You may have a VESA mount) you can order Spectrum without. Also being able to charge your devices with the 100W USB-C available is very convenient.

Hey @Shrub, @cookie

Offering glossy as an option during checkout/balance payment would be a really cool idea. Let me see if I can find some information on how we would this process could work. It may be offered as a separate model, but if this is the case our support team would be able to assist you in changing your order no problem.