Project: Spectrum | Warranty, Shipping Price & Words To Testers


Beloved community,

Our China team has united in Suzhou and is overseeing and pushing the project forward together. As part of the team, I have been able again to have face-to-face conversations with co-working project managers and engineers. This lets me have a deeper understanding of the project and, with the whole Team Eve, update you guys on the project progress and answer your questions more speedily and thoroughly. You may have noticed the lifted amount of Spectrum updates we have delivered and open questions we have lately put out to you. It shows that not only can the team get information to you faster, but your suggestions can speed up its travel to the point of improvement.

Warranty draft

We received great feedback from you on the warranty open questions topic. Factor in the essential terms you are seeking, and after the negotiation with our manufacturing partner, Spectrum’s warranty draft is born!

Key terms include:

  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Zero bright dot policy with up to 5 dark sub-pixels, for both the QHD and 4K models
  • 14 days dead on arrival (DOA) period with a new replacement and free shipping
  • Replacement products and parts have at least 90 days of warranty, even if the standard warranty period has lapsed.

You can read the entire draft here.

Shipping price

You’ve asked about the shipping price after we communicate balance payment preliminary information. As we mentioned in that topic, there will be an FAQ coming next, addressing all your questions. Before that, we would like to share with you the latest estimated shipping price for major regions.

Standard for Monitor + Stand

First-mile ocean, last-mile courier. Takes 18-35 days based on your region. Taxes and duties included for the following regions.

  • US - 35 USD
  • EU - 39 EUR
  • UK - 45 EUR

Express for Monitor + Stand

Air. Takes 3-7 days based on the destination. Taxes and duties included for the following regions.

  • US - DHL Express - 179 USD
  • EU - UPS Express - 169 EUR
  • UK - UPS Express - 184 EUR

These are shipping estimates for the main regions to give you an idea of the pricing. We will provide the exact shipping rates at the checkout. We expect the express cost to go down over the next few weeks; when the shipping cost changes, we’ll adjust the price accordingly to ensure we pass on a fair price.

Words to future community testers

Last week, we released an entry for community Spectrum testers. From your replies, we can read that you are super pumped for this chance of getting Spectrum prototypes on your hands, inspect, test, and report to the community. With upgradeable firmware on the development samples you’ll receive, you can conveniently flash improved firmware versions via USB and start a new round of testing and continue to report on your findings.

Your unbiased testing is essentially independent early reviews for our community before the final third-party reviews get published by your favorite influencers. Also, your valuable report will undoubtedly help our team improve Spectrum. We want to ensure that you are willing to dedicate your time, love to make detailed reports, and enthusiastic about engaging with our community and answer (probably lots of) questions. That’s why we require you to review a consumer electronic device you own in your reply on the entry topic. Although we’re glad to see reviews you have published on other sites, we still require you to include a review itself in your reply to demonstrate that you’re willing to report to our community and engage with members. You will be granted entry only if your reply follows our rules stated on that topic.

Click here if you need help with editing your reply.

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We can’t wait to read your reviews!



Lore, what about for CDN buyers. What can I expect to pay?


Hey, @Justin_Froelich! I hope the following quote helps to answer your question.

@imjordanxd FYI


Well this is how expensive I thought it was going to be but I get it. It’s from China and that isn’t cheap to move it to the United States. Even with the express being that high I still might do it. That warranty is a gold standard of how a warranty should be. I’m so eager to see the finished product


In case of bright pixel defects, will the monitor we have to shipped the monitor back to china? Or is the panel going to be user-replacable?

Will we be able to buy replacement parts for pcbs of the spectrum?


Are these business days or do they include non-business days? Also are there estimates for shipping without the stand? Thanks for the transparency about this @Lore_Wonder. Increases in shipping cost could have easily been withheld under the guise of “This is only natural” and would have thrown many of us for a loop when the option to pay became available.


Hey, guys! @kreative @Aetherdale @karjona @TheDestiny @paterralf @f5alcon We have collected your questions and will get back to you later.


So best case scenario without losing the cost advantage to other monitors is 8th May. Meh…


So what lmao, this monitors outshine many other upcoming in terms of feature, is 3 more weeks of shipping at this point what draw the lines for you, big oof.


I think the warranty is way more than fair! I would have been happy with a 1 years standard warranty.

The price of express shipping to the UK is crazy expensive, but I suppose it does include taxes, and duty. Hopefully this lowers a little though.

As for the testing application. I had previously not reviewed a product on a website. So didn’t post one up. At some point soon I will edit my post to post/application, with a review of a product.

Thanks for the great update Eve. Once again keep up the good work.


Yes. Express shipping to UK includes taxes and duties.


Hello! Are these prices per monitor or per order? Do we pay the shipping cost twice if we ordered more than one monitor?


Uhm did I say I was canceling my order due to this? I was just expecting a bit quicker shipping, I can’t wait to get my hands on this and you acting like that just because I am sad is silly honestly. Typical.

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From the warranty draft:



I know. I meant it’s not so bad, because it does Include those within the price. Nothing worse than ordering an item. Then when it arrives at the door you have to pay taxes, and duty to receive.


Great question. I’m happy to pay the express shipping if it includes both of my monitor purchases. But per monitor is too high for me.


I personally have no problem with this. Fairly normal for clauses like this to be in a warranty. Remember this is for the warranty service not after warranty period.


So that means 529 USD + 179 USD for express shipping looking at around 660 + 225 CAD = 885$

We’re likely looking at ~225-230$ CAD for express that’s painful lol it cost more to land at Canadian airports than it does American if I recall correctly so 225-230 is the likely number.

For about 900 bucks (duties included) it hurts but if the monitor ends up being better than the Acer Predator x27 and XB3 or better yet the Strix XG27UQ it’ll be worth it because that those retail for 800-1300$+ CAD.

So I’m still excited, fingers crossed Spectrum nails it to bring some solid competition to the market.


Solid warranty!
Now just on to actual shipping dates…


Is the warrante transferable if I decide to buy a different prduct after lets say 100 days and resell my spectrum?

Becasue in my country it is.